Garland area dentist explains the benefits of affordable dental crowns

Garland area dentist explains the benefits of affordable dental crowns

Also known as caps, dental crowns are used to help in restoring beauty and function to the smile. When breakage occurs, or when teeth become weakened due to root canal therapy, dental crowns may be suggested by dental professionals such as Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental in Garland, TX. Her practice focuses on providing beautiful, affordable dental restorations for those in need.

Dental crowns are commonly used in both general and cosmetic dentistry. They have a number of benefits. They are affordable, beautiful, and can help in protecting the natural tooth from damage. This is essential to avoid the need for extraction later on. Dr. Vidya Suri believes in only completing dental work that is necessary and ensures that everything done to the smile is done in a conservative manner. Her practice provides quality dental restorations with finances in mind, while ensuring the best materials are used for creation.

Dental crowns are made after the natural tooth has been prepared. This often requires the removal of a substantial portion of enamel from the tooth to ensure a proper fit. Impressions are taken of the natural teeth and sent to an outside ceramist who uses these molds to fabricate a quality dental crown. Within a few weeks, the crown is sent to Kings Dental and patients come back for the final placement of their restoration. In the meantime, while waiting for their new crown, patients may have a temporary placed over their prepared tooth.

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Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental provides quality dental care and treatment. Her practice focuses on many aspects of dentistry, including:

  • General dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry

If you live in or around the Garland, TX community and have determined that a family oriented dental practice is suitable for your needs, contact Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental today to learn more about the wide selection of treatments available through her technologically-advanced practice. She treats everyone as royalty and strives to provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for all.

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