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The smile is an important asset for both men and women. It can also be the source of confidence in both business and personal relationships. When the mouth is healthy, all the teeth come into play when eating and speaking. Good digestion also begins with the mouth, as it is essential for patients to chew their food properly. Patients in the Garland, TX area are encouraged to take good care of the health and beauty of their smiles to ensure it functions at its best. When one or more teeth are missing, replacement is necessary for a variety of reasons and it should not be delayed. Often, patients may be proper candidates for dentures.

Dentures are an affordable option for most patients faced with tooth replacement. Dentures come in two varieties – partial and full. Partial dentures are best used in situations when patients are missing one or more teeth in the dental arch. These restorations are made with metal and acrylic and they snap into the dental arch, using the existing teeth for support. They are easily removed for brushing and flossing, as well as cleaning the denture itself. In cases when patients are missing all of their teeth, full dentures may be suggested. Full dentures are acrylic and they include false teeth and gum tissue. They are held in place with natural suction, dental adhesives, or dental implants, depending on the situation.

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Dr. Vidya Suri knows that each patient is unique, and that his or her dental situation needs custom care and attention. This is why we work closely with individuals to assist them in finding the most beneficial way of repairing the smile after tooth loss. One patient may be better suited for dentures while another may be a great candidate for dental implants. Calling Kings Dental and booking an evaluation and consultation appointment with Dr. Vidya Suri is the best way to determine the solution best for you!

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