Tips For Avoiding Dry Socket After Having a Tooth Extracted

Surgical Removal of Erupted Tooth in Garland TX Area

When permanent teeth erupt from the gums, you’d like to think these are your forever teeth. However, life can happen, and the next thing you know, you need to have a tooth extracted. Maybe there is not enough room in your mouth, or perhaps a tooth has decay that is too advanced. Whatever the reason, when you visit our dentists at Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, you can rest easy that you are incapable and safe hands. Once your tooth has been extracted, here are some tips you can follow to avoid dry socket. Avoid Drinking from A Straw For … Continue reading

Signs you need to have your Wisdom Teeth extracted

Professional Dentist For Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Me In Garland TX

Despite their name, wisdom teeth won’t make you any wiser. Instead, these late-stage molars often cause discomfort when erupting from the gums and can cause crowding if your mouth is too small to accommodate additional teeth. In worst cases, wisdom teeth have been known to cause jaw misalignment, cysts, and sinus problems. With all the negative vibes from wisdom teeth, some people are fortunate enough to never experience any discomfort. Given these two split scenarios, the question you might be asking is: “Must I undergo wisdom teeth removal?” If you are curious to find out, Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, has the answer. When … Continue reading

Tips for Faster Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips in Garland TX Area

At Kings Dental, it’s our mission to do everything to save your teeth when decayed or damaged. However, in some cases, teeth extraction is always the best course of action. For instance, if you have impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is the most viable option. If you have undergone a surgical extraction, Dr. Vidya Suri shares recovery tips. If you have undertaken wisdom teeth removal, you are not alone. About 5 million in America undergo this procedure every year. After the wisdom teeth removal, most people should recover within three to four days, but full recovery takes a week or more. However, you can … Continue reading

Garland Dentist answers, “Are tooth extractions safe?”

Group of People in Pain from Tooth Ache

There are times in which patients in the Garland, TX area may need to have a tooth extracted. Teeth may be extracted because they are impacted. This happens a lot with wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars. They erupt in the back of the mouth typically when patients are between the ages of 17 and 25 and have a tendency to become impacted because of the lack of space. They sometimes grow in sideways and need to be removed to relieve pain and discomfort. Other times, teeth need to be extracted because of overcrowding and the need to … Continue reading

Garland Dentist discusses how an impacted wisdom tooth is treated

Garland Dentist Checks Dental X-Ray Before Perform Tooth Extraction Procedure

Your wisdom teeth are the third molars located at the back of the mouth. When there isn’t enough room for the wisdom teeth to emerge properly, they become impacted. In most situations, wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth that we get. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a series of problems. First, in many cases they can be painful. They can also cause other dental problems like shifting or damage to other teeth. For some people, impacted wisdom teeth do not cause any symptoms. Still, because of their location they can be hard to clean, thus leaving them more susceptible … Continue reading

Why Garland area residents may need extraction for an impacted wisdom tooth

young woman with tooth pain due to wisdom tooth

Dr. Vidya Suri and the dedicated team of professionals at Kings Dental work closely with Garland, Texas area patients to help them in achieving healthy, beautiful smiles. Due to no fault of their own, some patients experience an impacted wisdom tooth. The wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars, erupt through the gum line near the back of the mouth. However, because of lack of space, they may become impacted. This can cause extreme pain and lead patients to visit the team at Kings Dental to find an effective solution. The impacted wisdom tooth typically needs to be removed. … Continue reading

Aftercare tips help with fast healing after wisdom teeth extractions in Garland, TX

fast healing after wisdom teeth extractions in Garland, TX

The pain, swelling, bad breath, and stiffness associated with problematic wisdom teeth can be resolved quickly and gently at Kings Dental. Wisdom teeth extractions in Garland, TX are a common and straightforward way to get on with your life and avoid the complications associated with these back molars. Dr. Vidya Suri and her team treat you like royalty, but you can also do yourself a world of good by following her teeth extractions aftercare tips. What is normal after surgery? Your comfort is the Kings Dental team’s priority. Pain management and sedative options administered before treatment can affect what you … Continue reading

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