Where to get the best professional teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Professional teeth whitening in the Garland, TX

At Kings Dental, we treat every patient in the Garland, TX area like royalty. We know that dental work can be overwhelming for those who are unhappy with their smiles but know they need to see a professional. We do not judge patients who visit our practice for the first time in years, we are just happy to see them ready to take charge of their dental health. For some of our patients, dental work may be extensive, while others may be seeking cosmetic solutions that enhance the appearance of the smile. Many patients ask about the best professional teeth whitening options.

Dr. Vidya Suri and the team at Kings Dental are proud to offer alternatives to over-the-counter whitening products that fail to produce satisfactory results. Many individuals come into our practice unhappy with the money and time they have spent on drugstore whitening solutions. We encourage men and women to seek assistance from a professional team and find out why dentist-grade products far exceed the results achieved with commercial products.

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The best professional teeth whitening service is whitening trays. Our practice offers trays that are custom made based on impressions of the teeth. This ensures a precision fit. The fit is important, as it can keep the bleaching solution on the teeth and away from the gums, avoiding possible issues such as gum irritation. We educate our patients on how to properly use their whitening trays for optimum results and they will find that results are far superior to anything available over-the-counter. The results can be maintained with regular treatments, which can be achieved with our special patient program called “Whitening for Life.” This program can help in maintaining long-term results. Patients who keep their recall appointments every six months at Kings Dental will be eligible to receive more bleaching gel to keep their teeth white and bright. This is a great way for us to encourage patients to be proactive about their dental health while also maintaining their brilliant new smile!

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