Composite Dental Fillings Are an Affordable Way to Fix Broken Teeth

Broken Tooth Filling in Garland TX Area

Garland, Texas, residents know that having a beautiful smile is the key to feeling attractive and approachable. Our society places a lot of emphasis on having lovely smiles, and one way you can fix the problems with your teeth is with composite dental fillings.

How do composite dental fillings compare with other types of fillings? Composite fillings are the same color as your natural teeth, resulting in a more beautiful and natural-looking smile.

What Are Composite Dental Fillings?

When you have a cavity, your dentist will likely recommend getting a filling as soon as possible to save your tooth and keep infection away. While you can use different materials for fillings, composite fillings are durable and attractive.

Composite fillings are customized to be the same color as your natural teeth. Also, they are made of acrylic (plastic) resin that uses powdered glass filler as a reinforcement.

Composite dental fillings can be used for several different dental purposes, including all of these:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Restoring decayed teeth
  • Restoring worn teeth

Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings

When fixing your teeth with fillings, the sooner you get it done, the better your oral health will be. When you have a cavity, you can rely on Drs. Suri and AJ to give you tooth-colored fillings that look just like your natural teeth. You can discreetly address tooth decay quickly and affordably by getting composite dental fillings.

Here are the key benefits of composite dental fillings:

  • Natural looking
  • Durable
  • Completed in just one dental visit
  • Great at resisting fractures
  • Can fix extensive damage or minor flaws
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How Long Do Composite Dental Fillings Last?

You can expect your cosmetic dental fillings to last about seven years, but some people report that they last up to 10 years if you take good care of your teeth. You may get fewer years out of your composite fillings if you’re at high risk for more cavities.

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