Garland, TX area parents ask, “Is there a quality children’s Dentist near me?”

Quality Children’s Dentist at Garland, TX area

While your child’s baby teeth are not permanent, the effects of decay and neglect can have a permanent impact on oral health. Preventing cavities in baby teeth is just as important as preventing it in adult teeth, which is why Dr. Suri devotes a large portion of her practice to pediatric dentistry.

The effects of early dental decay

Dental decay in baby teeth can be a precursor to future dental issues. If a cavity is left untreated in a primary tooth, it can affect the permanent tooth that lies below the gum line. Another effect of untreated cavities can be extraction. If primary teeth must be extracted due to decay, adjacent teeth may begin to shift, which can result in not enough room for eruption of the adult tooth. This can create orthodontic issues such as overcrowding, misalignment, or gaps.

Decay can also lead to infection and chronic, painful toothaches. Children who have to see the dentist because of painful, infected teeth may begin to associate the dentist with unpleasant experiences. This could have a lasting impact on children as it increases the likelihood of dental anxiety and prevents them from seeking oral care as adults.

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The good news is that dental decay is preventable through a combination of at home oral hygiene, regular dental care, and proper nutrition. Dr. Suri and her team at Kings Dental in Garland, TX want to make sure that your children are off to a healthy start. We make visiting the dentist’s office fun for children and focus on empowering them to take care of their teeth. We also educate all parents on how to monitor oral care at home. We’re happy to answer any questions about diet or nutrition and make recommendations on the types of toothbrushes and toothpastes to use for children that are having difficulty brushing at home.

If you find yourself wondering, “Is there a children’s dentist near me who will be best to take care of my child’s teeth?” You’ve come to the right place. To learn more about our comprehensive dental care for children, call our office today.

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