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Dr. Vidya Suri and her team of professionals at Garland’s Kings Dental encourage patients to take the time to learn about all her practice has to offer. Many patients that think of dentistry think of general dentistry treatments such as fillings, cleanings, and examinations. However, our practice is so much more than that. We provide not only general dentistry services but pediatric care, restorative solutions, and even sedation dentistry.

When it comes to aesthetic work, we know that a beautiful smile can give patients the confidence they need to look and feel their absolute best. An attractive smile can improve both business and personal relationships. However, some patients may be struggling with imperfections that naturally occur within their smile. Some patients may have breakage or yellowing that detracts from an otherwise beautiful smile. When situations such as these occur, patients may want to learn about dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a treatment that is used for covering imperfections. This may include broken teeth, gaps between teeth, permanently stained teeth, or teeth that are unusually shaped. This is done using composite resin bonding, a clay-like material that can be molded over a tooth, shaped, filed down, and polished to provide a seamless repair. Dental bonding is known to last several years before it needs to be replaced.

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Dental bonding is sometimes chosen over porcelain veneers because it is incredibly affordable. Additionally, dental bonding is commonly covered by dental insurance plans and may be the perfect choice for individuals who are on a tight budget and need to rely on insurance coverage to get necessary dental work completed.

If you live in or around the area ofGarland,TXand want to educate yourself further on the advantages of treatments such as dental bonding, contact our team of professionals at Kings Dental to find out if composite resin bonding is the best option for your smile! We take into consideration everything that our patients desire and want to make sure we help men and women make the most appropriate choice for their specific needs.

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