Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Repair Cost in Garland TX Area

Quality dental bridgework can last up to 10 years with proper care. After years of quality use, however, your bridge will eventually require repair or may even need to be replaced. At Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, we offer dental bridge replacement and repair services to restore your smile. An evaluation by Drs. Vidya Suri and AJ will determine if your bridge can be fixed or requires replacement to correct the problems you’re facing with your prosthetic teeth.

Signs Your Bridge Needs Repair or Replacement

Although dental bridges are a long-lasting solution to replacing lost teeth, they’re not permanent. Over time, you’re bound to notice signs of wear and tear. If your bridge is attached to adjacent teeth through a dental crown, these teeth may need treatment due to damage or decay.

The following are some signs to look out for to indicate problems with your bridge:

  • Tooth or gum sensitivity around your dental bridge
  • Pain when chewing or brushing your teeth
  • Cracked enamel or other damage to your bridge
  • Your fixed bridge slipping or coming loose
  • Chips or cracks in supporting teeth
  • Porcelain chips in your mouth due to a broken crown

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How to Repair a Dental Bridge

Minor damage to a bridge due to wear and tear can often be repaired to save you the cost of having new prosthetics.

If there’s a problem with the supporting teeth, such as a broken crown or decayed tooth, our dentists may need to remove your bridge to fix it, which may entail breaking the bridge as it’s generally cemented to these teeth. Once the problems have been fixed, a new bridge can be put in place. If your supporting teeth have been compromised and can no longer support a bridge, your dentist may recommend implants to anchor your new bridge.

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