Mesquite, TX area patients ask, “What is the purpose of dental implants?”

Mesquite, TX area patients ask about the purpose of dental implants

Dental implants have gained in popularity in recent decades due to their revolutionary approach to tooth replacement. Before, dental implants, patients’ only options for restorations either sat on top of the gums or required the stability of neighboring teeth. With dental implants, the restoration is integrated into the jawbone, creating a stable and permanent option for tooth replacement. Dental implants can last a lifetime and give new hope to patients dealing with the loss of natural teeth.

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jaw. The process can be lengthy, as the bone requires several months to fuse to the implant. Once that process is complete, the implant procedure can be completed in a couple of different ways.


For patients missing just one tooth, a dental crown may be fabricated to match the remaining teeth. This crown can be attached to the dental implant and function like a natural tooth. Patients are able to bite, chew, and speak just as they did before the tooth was lost.

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that they stimulate the jawbone. This helps ensure that remaining teeth do not shift due to bone loss. Dental bridges, which are also used to replace missing teeth, do not integrate into the bone so they allow bone deterioration.

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Support for Dentures

Dental implants can also give new life to uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures. Just like with the crowns, the dental implant procedure with dentures picks up once the jawbone has had sufficient time to heal. Instead of fitting the dental implants with crowns, the dentures can be fitted to snap over them. This allows patients to enjoy much greater functionality with their dentures.

With implant-supported dentures, patients will no longer need to worry about the embarrassment of the dentures slipping out of place or falling out. The implants are able to withstand the natural bite force, giving denture patients much more confidence in their restoration. If you are a resident of Mesquite or the surrounding areas and you would like more information on the benefits of dental implants, contact us at Kings Dental.

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