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Patients who live near the 75041 zip code area in Garland, Texas are entitled to having a quality dental practice on their side for all their dental work, including that of dental emergencies. Dental emergencies are situations that are unplanned; situations that may occur outside of standard business hours. Instead of visiting the ER for problems; such as a lost restoration, it is best to visit a dentist for immediate care. Kings Dental is a dental office located in Garland assisting new and existing patients with emergency situations.

Emergency dental situations may include some of the following problems:

  • A tooth that has been knocked out from injury
  • A broken or chipped tooth from trauma or chewing on a hard object
  • A lost or loose restoration; such as a bridge, crown, or porcelain veneer
  • A cut in the mouth including the soft gum tissue
  • Bleeding that continues to occur days after oral surgery and cannot be controlled
  • Lost fillings
  • Dentures and other oral appliances that are broken or need to be adjusted
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At Kings Dental, we want our patients to feel at ease in our dental chair. When problems arise and patients are fearful of the dentist, we may also provide sedation dentistry to calm individuals so we can perform our duties. Sedation dentistry is a way of reducing fears and anxieties so our dentists can address the problem at hand. Some patients need sedation to relax them, especially if there was a dental emergency that was rather traumatic. We have sedative methods that can also be used on children in addition to adults.

If you reside in or around the Garland community and are experiencing a dental emergency, contact Kings Dental today. Dr. Vidya Suri offers same-day dental appointments during business hours and is on-call to help new and existing patients with dental emergencies throughout the day. Patients who have more severe dental emergencies may still be referred to an emergency room for initial treatment before visiting the dentist for restoration of the smile following the injuries.

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