Dental payment options for patients in the Garland area

Dental Payment Options In Garland

One reason many patients in the Garland area avoid visiting the dentist is the cost of dental work. At Kings Dental, Dr. Vidya Suri knows how expenses such as routine dental work can put a strain on a family’s already tight budget. We encourage all of our patients to consider dental insurance coverage when available to them, as this can greatly reduce the stress of dental payments for proactive dental care as well as emergencies.

Patients in the Garland community should be visiting the dentist at least twice a year. This is done to give Dr. Vidya Suri the opportunity to evaluate the smile, perform x-rays, and provide thorough cleaning to ensure all is well. When problems such as decay or periodontal disease arise, the earlier they are detected, the better. Patients will be able to reduce discomfort and costs if they maintain the health of their smiles.

Patients who have dental insurance coverage should always bring their policy information to their appointment so we can help apply any applicable reimbursements to their dental bill. Anything beyond coverage is considered the “out-of-pocket costs.” The out-of-pocket costs may vary depending on the type of coverage available through dental insurance and these costs can be handled in a number of ways.

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Some of our patients prefer to pay outright for their remaining dental costs. This is an option for patients who want to use cash or debit cards. We also accept credit cards, which can help patients in extending the payment period. In addition, when patients quality we may make the recommendation of CareCredit. CareCredit is a special credit card that can be used for dental work and it can provide 0% financing options depending on the amount charged and the duration of the payment plan. This may be a great way for patients to budget their dental work after insurance coverage has been applied to their bill.

Dr. Vidya Suri and her team want to make dental work affordable for families. Contact Kings Dental today to book a consultation appointment and learn more about our dental payment options.

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