Are Dental Veneers Right For You ?

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Dental Veneers in Garland, TX

Everyone wants a smile that is perfect. In today’s world , with the media explosion a Hollywood smile is something everyone strives for. For several individuals such a smile is attainable.

Veneers – Boon for some , bane for others.

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are a thin shield of porcelain that are used to change the appearance of undesirable teeth. Undesirable may include stained teeth, chipped teeth or malformed teeth.

The thin shield is held in place by adhesives called luting cements. Veneers are usually fabricated in 2 steps, the first appointment would include preparing the tooth and impressions.

The second appointment would be the cementation. If the teeth are prepared for veneers then the dentist would more than likely fabricate a set of temp veneers that are placed on the prepared teeth until the permanent ones are cemented.

Non prep veneers are available , in which case one may not need the temp veneers.

What are the downsides?

Veneers are not for everyone. Unlike crowns that offer complete coverage ,patients with extensive decay do not qualify for veneers.

It is very important to have a thorough consultation with your dentist to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this kind of a restoration.

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Dental Veneers in Garland, TX

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