Dentist near me in Garland answers, ‘Can dentures cause dry mouth?’

Can Dentures Cause Dry Mouth in Garland, TX

Like most changes, dentures have an initial adjustment period. When selecting Kings Dental as your answer to, “What dentist Near Me in Garland provides dentures?” you’ll have peace of mind that your new teeth are made from quality materials fitted to your unique specifications. This means comfort, lifelike look, and a feel and function indistinguishable from natural healthy teeth. Well-designed dentures are made to last, with little to no problems. That doesn’t mean care should go on autopilot. To prevent complications, follow Dr. Vidya Suri’s instructions, and if you have any questions (like the one below), call us!

Can Dentures Cause Dry Mouth?

You may recall a parent or grandparent complaining about his or her dentures, and for good reason! These false teeth were frequently associated with a fake appearance, and slipping that led to discomfort or embarrassment when chewing or speaking. Ill-fitting dentures are also associated with a bunch of problems, including irritation to delicate tissues and mouth sores. All these complaints are valid, and yesterday’s dentures or poorly-fitting dental appliances can be to blame. But, when it comes to the issue of dry mouth, dentures aren’t at the root of the problem. Dentures can be to blame for making existing dry mouth worse, and dentures in a dry environment can lead to many complications that take away from the fundamental beauty, comfort, and ease of your new teeth.

The true cause of dry mouth

Known as xerostomia, dry mouth arises when glands that produce saliva don’t make enough of this natural cleanser to retain a healthy, moist environment. In fact, dry mouth may have been at least partly to blame for you needing dentures in the first place! Saliva neutralizes acids, prevents harmful bacteria from flourishing, and helps to wash away food debris. All these functions make saliva one of the best defenses against tooth decay. For this reason, patients who suffer from dry mouth are at increased risk of developing tartar, cavities, and gum disease. Patients with dry mouth also tend to develop:

  • Mouth sores
  • Cracked lips
  • Bad breath
  • Impaired taste, chewing, swallowing, and speech

Since saliva contains enzymes that aid in digestive function, nutrition suffers. It’s no fun to eat when you feel horrible afterward of having difficulty enjoying food during your meal.

Medications are often responsible for dry mouth that arises as you get older and your health evolves. In fact, there are hundreds of drugs that list dry mouth as a side effect. These include common prescriptions to treat high blood pressure or to manage pain. Health conditions themselves may give rise to dry mouth. Snoring and sleep apnea, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases like lupus are among those conditions that can affect salivary flow.

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Dry mouth and denture-wearers

Can Dentures Cause Dry Mouth in Garland, TX

If you rely on natural suction or products to help keep your dentures in place, dry mouth can make this retention a challenge. Since saliva is the first line of defense against bacteria, denture-wearers with dry mouth are also at heightened risk of contamination by these harmful invaders. Sometimes, oral infections aren’t apparent to patients until after they’ve progressed and manifest as painful or obvious sores.

These risks underscore the importance of addressing dry mouth. Dr. Suri may recommend any number of rinses or lubricants to add moisture to your mouth. Mouthwashes designed for dry mouth also offer added protection against decay. Severe xerostomia may warrant prescription drugs that encourage saliva production. From sucking on sugar-free hard candies to adding moisture to the air with a room humidifier, several lifestyle factors also support saliva flow and oral health to keep decay at bay.

Your denture is your teeth. So, your mouth is only as healthy as the state of your dental appliance!

  • Rinse off loose foods and debris before brushing.
  • For the long life of your denture, use soft brushes and nonabrasive cleansers.
  • It’s never been more important to clean your entire mouth thoroughly, and that means gums, the inside of your cheeks, tongue, and palate – any areas that can harbor destructive bacteria.
  • Always store dentures in a moist environment, covered in water or a mild soaking solution. Avoid hot water that may warp dentures.

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