Missing Teeth? No Problem. Restore Your Smile with Dentures That Don’t Look Fake

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Age or trauma can lead to lost teeth. While the apparent sign of missing teeth is a damaged smile, missing teeth impede your chewing ability, affect your speech, and leads to a sunken face. Fortunately, you can restore your mouth gaps with dentures — but there is a catch. Dentures can transform your look for better or worse. Why so? Have you seen dentures that frankly look fake? Cheap dentures will restore your bite function and speech but will do little to enhance the shine of your smile and appearance.

The good news is that you can get dentures that don’t look fake from Kings Dental in Garland, Texas. Yes, at our clinic, we offer natural-looking dentures to enhance your natural appearance.

Dentures don’t have to appear like the traditional fake teeth

Gone are the days when dentures had to look unnatural. A while back, the dentistry world didn’t have the technology to overcome barriers to naturally looking dentures. Typically, traditional dentures were easily identifiable because of their:

  • Fake tooth appearance
  • Poor denture fit
  • Unnatural base appearance

Thankfully, dentists can now create high-quality dentures that accentuate your natural appearance with the advancement in technology.

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Benefits of natural-looking dentures

When you miss all or part of your teeth, you can’t wait to get a solution — but this doesn’t mean you settle for cheap, poorly fitting dentures. Here are the reasons that make our natural-looking dentures superior to those traditional dentures.

  • Comfortable fitting: Poor quality dentures are often given away by their poor fit. Of course, when your dentures move out of their position while eating, talking, or laughing, they are poorly fitted — something that can be embarrassing. In contrast, our dentures are securely fitted to remain in their natural position.
  • Natural teeth appearance: At our clinic, we use high-quality materials to make your dentures’ artificial teeth look natural.
  • Natural denture base: Fake-looking dentures are made of cheap base material — plus, the process isn’t meticulous, either. However, we make dentures’ bases using modern technology to give them a natural appearance, just like your gums.

Actual Patient Results

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Dentures Dentist in Garland, Texas

If you are missing teeth, you don’t have to get dentures that look unnatural. Instead, please contact (214) 703-6900 to book an appointment with Kings DentalDr. Vidya Suri will get you dentures that look natural, fit well, last long, and feel comfortable.

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