Why Garland households should have a family Dentist by their side

Why Garland households should have a family Dentist by their side

Finding a dental team that can work closely with the entire family can be difficult, but at Kings Dental, we believe that having a dentist who can help all ages is a wonderful benefit. Dr. Vidya Suri and our dental team in Garland can help patients in the community with their oral health needs in our family-friendly office.

Patients of all ages are welcome to visit our practice. We encourage parents to consider a family dentist for many reasons.

Positive, Trusting Relationship

Having a dentist whom everyone knows and trusts for their dental care is very important. Many children have apprehensions about dental visits because the dentists are often unfamiliar. By working with a family dentist from day one, children get used to the environment and the staff and build a bond with them. This is also helpful for adult patients who feel as though they are treated as “just a number” at other dental practices.

Management of Records

Family records can be conveniently held in one location. This allows our dental team to cross-reference family member files in order to take note of common genetic concerns that can become a concern. Dr. Vidya Suri and her team can catch problems early enough for appropriate intervention thanks to having all family records in one place!

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Ease of Making Appointments

Instead of having parents drive all around town on different days of the week to get everyone in the household taken care of for their biannual dental visit, Kings Dental makes it easy by providing back-to-back appointments for everyone in the household. This provides a more efficient way of getting dental health issues taken care of quickly and easily.

We welcome new families into our practice. Contact our facility today to learn more about the advantages of family dentistry and learn how it can dramatically change the way arrange dental care for the entire household!

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