Garland family dentist offers treatment options that quickly, comfortably resolve periodontal disease

Garland family dentist offers treatment options that quickly, comfortably resolve periodontal disease

What does it mean to get the “royal treatment” at Kings Dental? Generally,Dr. Vidya Suri and her team are referring to a pleasant experience, comfortable procedures, and friendly staff that put you at ease. When you need a little extra “help” to relax, Kings Dental also has nitrous oxide sedation. Laughing gas is safe for patients across the age spectrum, and wears off quickly.

Taking great care of your teeth and gums is almost always the most comfortable (and least costly) way to stay healthy; however, should you need Garland Periodontal Disease Treatment, Dr. Suri’s focus on patient experience means you can enjoy fast and gentle resolution of your symptoms. As a dentist open Saturdays and evenings in the Mesquite area, Dr. Suri’s office is available for convenient scheduling that works within your busy lifestyle. As your Medicaid dentist in Garland, Dr. Suri is also pleased to offer treatment that fits your budget. She accepts many insurances and payment options.

Researchers believe stress, at least partly, alters the response of bacterial toxins and other hormones that can make gum inflammation worse. It’s also been well-established since at least the 1950s that emotional factors are tied to gum disease, by altering immune function. The challenges of fitting dental visits (and paying for them!) only adds to the stress of an already “stressed-out” mouth. Kings Dental has eliminated some of these common stressors, with so many characteristics that set the office apart from others. There is an answer to every fear, be it anxiety over discomfort during a procedure, out-of-pocket expenses, or balancing proactive appointments with family and work commitments.

Front-line treatment

Generally, treatment for gum disease is divided into a couple of categories. Initial options help you as a patient avoid the need for more advanced options. Your routine professional cleaning, usually done at 6-month intervals, will do if inflammation hasn’t damaged the structures below the gumline. Scaling and root planing (SRP) represent a common, non-surgical alternative that involves deep cleaning the gumline and tooth roots. Cleaning underneath the gums is important because it removes plaque and its hardened form, tartar, which irritate delicate gum tissue. Cleaning the tooth roots is also important, because smoothing out each root, encourages your gum tissue to naturally reattach to the tooth. This process stimulates healthy healing, and can effectively close the pockets that form between the gums and teeth. These pockets harbor bacteria, food debris, and plaque. Deep pockets may be reduced with SRP alone.

Healthy gums have pockets of 1 to 3 mm. If you have pockets of 4 mm, that’s a warning sign. You may have the earliest form of gum disease, gingivitis. Pockets of 5 or 6 mm indicate mild periodontitis (the more advanced form of gum disease). Moderate and advanced periodontitis pockets range from around 6 to 8 mm and 8 to 12 mm respectively.

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Pocket depth is important because it helps the Kings Dental team determine the best approach to treat active disease. Dr. Suri also uses digital X-rays and imaging, and intraoral cameras. These technologies are safe, efficient, and provide very clear images of your teeth and gums. Accurate diagnostics are a must for effective treatment of your disease, and SRP may just be what your gums need:

  • Special instruments are first used to remove sticky plaque, bacterial toxins, and hardened plaque or tartar deposits from the teeth and root surfaces.
  • Our skilled professionals then do the “planing” part, treating the rough areas at the roots’ surfaces. When surfaces are smoothed out, plaque and tartar can’t stick to the gumline again. Your gums can heal and firmly reattach to teeth.
  • Afterward, your gums should become pink and firm again. Dr. Suri will regularly re-check the depth of your pockets. A medicated rinse or pill may be recommended to manage or prevent infection.

While many patients restore their oral health with SRP, other treatments are recommended in some cases. These include procedures to remove bacteria in deep or stubborn pockets and to reshape and rejuvenate damaged tissues.

Has it been a while since you’ve seen the dentist? Are you concerned about lingering bad breath, or bleeding when you brush your teeth? Don’t delay in getting the personalized attention you need from your friendly Garland family dentist.Call (214) 703-6900 to schedule an appointment at the Kings Dental office.

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