Garland area patients ask, “What can I expect before, during, and after the veneers procedure?”

What can I expect before, during, and after the veneers

Porcelain veneers are a popular option among Garland area patients who are interested in improving their smiles. They are an effective, long-term solution that is versatile in covering dental imperfections. The ultra-thin ceramic sheaths are made of porcelain and custom fabricated for each individual patient. Once bonded to the front of teeth, veneers blend in seamlessly to create a beautiful and natural looking smile.

The porcelain veneer process is completed in multiple appointments. Here is what patients can expect.


The first step is a consultation appointment during which an examination along with x-rays will be completed. During this time, the patient is able to discuss their concerns with Dr. Suri and describe the ideal look they are trying to achieve. Patients may wish to bring pictures of how they would like their smile to look or they are free to browse through our before and after photos. Once it is decided that porcelain veneers will be used, the preparation process can begin.

Impressions will need to be taken of the teeth to be sent off to the lab for fabrication. A small portion of enamel (a fraction of a millimeter) will be removed to allow proper adhesion of the veneer.


Once the veneers are ready, they will be temporarily affixed to the teeth to check for correct size, shape, and fit. Minor adjustments can be made at this time to make sure the fit is correct. The tooth will then be prepared for permanent bonding. The dentist will carefully clean and buff the tooth before etching for proper adhesion.

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Patients are free to leave the office and enjoy their brand new smile. After a few weeks, a follow-up appointment can be scheduled to evaluate the veneers and make sure there is no gum irritation. Caring for veneers is the same as caring for natural teeth. Patients should be careful to avoid biting or chewing on hard objects.

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