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Patients near Garland ask, “What does general dentistry include?”


Dr. Vidya Suri  in Garland, TX explains what general dentistry includes
General dentistry near Garland TX at Kings Dental is comprehensive, and Dr. Vidya Suri’s approach to providing services stands apart from other offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We combine pleasant office features with the latest, gentle technologies to offer the royal treatment, regardless of if you’re visiting for a routine cleaning or for a full-mouth restoration.

Patients ask, “What Does General Dentistry Include?”

This type of dentistry gets its “general” name from the many services that fall under this category. Unlike other branches or specialty areas, general dentistry considers any services that either maintain or restore oral health, including:
  • Prevention - From professional cleanings and routine exams to protective dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and customized mouth guards to protect from chipping and other damage caused by teeth-grinding, we believe preventing dental issues is always the healthiest approach.
  • Diagnostics - Technologies like digital X-rays and intraoral cameras are gentle, safe, and precise. Accuracy is of utmost importance, as treatment plans are built around the results of these examinations.
Dr. Vidya Suri  in Garland, TX explains what general dentistry is and what includes there.
  • Sedation - Not every practice in and around Garland TX has the tools and training to offer options that ease dental fears and anxiety. Kings Dental is pleased to provide moderate sedation with calming medications like Halcion and Valium, in addition to conventional light sedation or “laughing gas.”
  • Restorative - If your teeth or gums require treatment as the result of disease or other trauma, Dr. Suri generally recommends the least invasive approach. A filling may be appropriate instead of a crown, or saving a tooth with root canal therapy may be preferred to extraction. Imagine nearly any way a tooth can be rebuilt or replaced, and Kings Dental offers that service. Along with the options mentioned above, we may suggest bonding, veneers, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

While some treatments such as tooth whitening are strictly cosmetic in nature, appearance is always a critical part of all procedures. Treatments like fillings, crowns, and dental implants are primarily restorative, but with a cosmetic benefit. Since Kings Dental understands how much the appearance of your smile is linked to your overall wellbeing, Dr. Suri and the team have selected the safest, most lifelike porcelain and composite materials to rebuild your teeth. These materials look and feel like natural, healthy tooth structure and they’re also friendly to surrounding tissues.

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Services for every family member, at every age

As a kid-friendly practice, Kings Dental takes pride in helping your little prince or princess feel at ease. We generally like to see the youngest patients by no later than the first birthday, or within six months of the development of the first tooth. Our staff knows how to speak with little patients, and our office is designed with lots of features that make it fun to go to the dentist, like a play area and toy chest. These little patients then grow up to be adults who have no reason to fear the dentist. They make and keep the check-ups that are a foundation for oral health.

Dr. Vidya Suri  in Garland, TX offers services for every family member, at every age
Since we are as adept at treating 8-year-olds as we are at treating 80-year-olds, the team is familiar with potential risk factors or diseases that may run in the family, and which can either contribute to oral conditions or make those conditions worse. We’re able to build comfortable and effective treatment plans that evolve with your changing needs. Any number of factors, from medical conditions to medications to manage those conditions, can affect your oral health and the products and therapies we recommend. Numerous studies indicate associations between oral health and a myriad of general conditions like diabetes or heart disease, so, a trip to the dentist may do a whole lot more than make your smile look better!

To further remove barriers to your getting the care you need to be your best, healthiest self, Dr. Suri is pleased to accept many different insurances including Medicaid and CHIP. Our office’s extended weeknight and Saturday hours are designed with your family’s busy, active schedule in mind, and emergency dentistry services consider that accidents most often happen after-hours. For comprehensive general dental care that is anything but ordinary, visit Kings Dental. Call (214) 703-6900 , or schedule an appointment online.

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