Garland, TX area dentist offers effective gum recession and disease treatment

Garland, TX area dentist offers effective gum recession and disease treatment

With gum disease comes gum recession. This is because, when this infection is present, it can cause the gum tissues to pull away from the teeth, resulting in pockets where bacteria can thrive. Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental in Garland, TX encourages patients with gum recession to visit her practice for treatment.

Periodontal disease explained

All dentists want their patients to have healthy, beautiful smiles free from infection and decay. Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an infection that affects the teeth, gums, and bone. It develops due to poor oral hygiene, though some patients are more at risk for developing it due to medical conditions or other factors. Dr. Vidya Suri teaches patients how to properly brush and floss to reduce their risk of developing periodontal disease.

Treating the condition

Periodontal disease is an infection. In many cases, antibiotics are used to control it and bring the smile back to health. However, other treatment options may be considered. Patients may undergo extensive cleanings, including scaling and root planing to clean all surfaces of the teeth and gums. The dentist may encourage them to come more often for cleanings and examinations to monitor the condition. If gum recession is permanent, some patients may discuss gum contouring options.

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Kings Dental proudly provides treatment for periodontal disease

Dr. Vidya Suri and the team at Kings Dental, understand how periodontal disease can negatively affect one’s oral health and wellness. This is why patients are encouraged to book regular appointment with their dentist for examinations to avoid these issues at all costs. If you live in Garland, TX or any of the surrounding areas and are interested in finding out more about gum recession treatment, you are welcome to contact us at (214) 703-6900 or visit us at 6521 Duck Creek Drive.

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