Garland area Dentist discusses how to handle pediatric dental emergencies

Handling Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Garland Area

Any time your child experiences an emergency, it can be scary for all involved. Since dental emergencies are common, being prepared for them can help you keep calm during an otherwise stressful situation. One of the most important things you can do is to remain calm. By doing so, you will be able to think clearly and help keep your child comfortable and calm.

Dr. Suri of Kings Dental in Garland, TX offers these tips to parents for handling dental emergencies:

  • If your child has suffered any sort of injury to the head, contact your physician immediately and head to the local emergency room. Head injuries should be looked at right away and dental problems can be evaluated later.
  • When a dental emergency occurs, attempt to stop any bleeding. You can do this with a piece of gauze or a clean compress.
  • If there are any teeth that are broken or missing, attempt to locate them.
  • If the teeth have broken, gently clean the area with water and use a compress to minimize inflammation.
  • Handle knocked-out teeth by the crown. If the child is old enough, you can attempt to reinsert the tooth into the socket before getting into the office. If not, put the tooth into a glass of milk. Saving a tooth requires prompt attention, so it is important to get the office as quickly as possible.
  • If there is an injury to the lip, cheek, or tongue, apply pressure to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding cannot be controlled, take your child to the emergency room.
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A good rule of thumb is to keep contact information for your child’s dentist, pediatrician, and local emergency dental clinic in a safe place. In many situations, prompt treatment makes a big difference in the outcome of a dental injury. If you have any questions, you are always free to call our office. Our team at Kings Dental is committed to providing high quality preventative, restorative, and emergency dental care for the whole family. We will do everything in our power to help keep your child’s smile happy, healthy, and beautiful.

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