Treat Decay the Modern Way with Mercury-Free Fillings

Mercury Free Dental Fillings in Garland TX Area

Although tooth decay is preventable, it remains a major dental problem today. More people are plagued by cavities than any other dental issue. By being diligent with your oral hygiene and scheduling routine dental cleanings, you can help keep this problem in check to enjoy strong, healthy teeth. If decay is detected during a dental exam, your Garland, Texas, dentist can provide prompt and effective treatment with dental fillings. At Kings Dental, we treat cavities the modern way with mercury-free dental fillings. 

Benefits of Mercury-Free White Cavity Filling 

There are basically two ways to treat cavities: with silver amalgam or composite resin fillings. Although both can put a stop to decay and restore the health of your teeth, there are greater advantages to choosing mercury-free composite fillings, starting with: 

  • Tooth-colored appearance – Silver amalgam fillings can be spotted a mile away due to their metallic appearance. In contrast, composite tooth-colored fillings blend in with your teeth, protecting your smile’s esthetic appeal. You can still have an attractive smile even after getting one or more cavities
  • Metal and mercury free – Composite fillings are composed of biocompatible resin mixed with powdered glass that can be tinted to the color of your teeth for a natural-looking appearance. They pose no risk to your gums or teeth as they’re metal and mercury free
  • Stronger teeth – Mercury-free composite fillings don’t require much drilling. The resin bonds quickly and effortlessly with your tooth, requiring minimal enamel removal. As more of your tooth structure is preserved, your tooth stays stronger due to having more support
  • Better cavity protection – Composite fillings form a tight bond with your teeth to protect them from future decay and infection. They don’t contract or expand like amalgam fillings, which means there’s less chance of them coming loose

In short, mercury-free composite dental fillings treat cavities discreetly, pose no risk to your gums or teeth, and provide long-lasting protection against future decay and infections to keep your smile healthy long-term. These qualities and more make them the perfect option for your cavity treatment. 

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Extending the Lifespan of Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

With proper care, composite fillings can last up to 10 years before needing to be replaced. You care for your fillings the same way you care for your teeth – through daily brushing, flossing, and routine dental cleanings. Good oral hygiene habits minimize plaque and bacteria build-up that can lead to cavities. If you habitually bite your nails, chew on ice or other hard objects or use your teeth like tools, you’ll need to stop these bad habits to protect your fillings and teeth. If you grind your teeth at night, we recommend wearing a night guard to reduce the risk of damage to your fillings. 

Mercury Free Dental Fillings Near Me 

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