Sedation Dentistry can offer patients in Garland, TX pain free dental care

Sedation Dentistry can offer patients in Garland, TX pain free dental care

While there are many people who don’t “love” visiting the dentist, most are still able to stay regular with preventative visits and receive timely restorative care. However, there are those patients who experience a different level of apprehension. Nervousness or anxiety about an upcoming dental visit is common and can keep people from even making the phone call to schedule an appointment. If you have this type of fear or stress, it can put the health your teeth and gums at risk. At Kings Dental, we want to help you address this fear and get back in the dental chair. In order to help with this mission, we offer patients various forms of sedation dentistry in our Garland, TX office.

Before treating dental anxiety, it’s important to understand its cause. Many patients have an apprehension about the unknown. For them, it’s a matter of not knowing what to expect that keeps them from ever seeking treatment. Other patients have had a bad experience in the past. Perhaps they were not sufficiently numb, or they had a painful recovery. Regardless, that experience was enough for them to be sure they didn’t want a repeat.

Sedation dentistry can allow patients to experience relaxing, pain-free dental care. Depending on the patient and the situation, we offer two different options.

Nitrous Oxide

More widely known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide gives patients a relaxed, euphoric feeling during dental procedures. This mild form of sedation allows the patient to remain conscious and able to follow commands. One of the biggest benefits of nitrous oxide is the speed it can begin working, or be stopped. It allows patients to feel almost instantaneously relaxed and once the procedure is done, the effects wear off quickly.

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