Pain free dentistry is a reality with the help of sedation from your dentist near Mesquite, TX

Pain free dentistry is a reality with the help of sedation from your dentist near Mesquite, TX

Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. This fear can lead many to avoid the dentist and put their health at risk. Visiting the dentist twice each year helps catch potential problems like tooth decay and gum disease early, both of which can result in tooth loss if left untreated.

At Kings Dental, We understand that anxiety can be overpowering, and we want all of our patients to be relaxed enough to come into our office and receive the treatment they deserve. We offer the residents of Mesquite, TX and the surrounding areas several options for sedation dentistry to allow them to get back into the dentist’s chair.

Sedation is a safe and effective way for many patients to handle dental phobias. Anxiety can stem from a variety of sources. It could be from a previous negative experience, a fear of the unknown, or fear of facing extensive work. Regardless of the reason, more and more patients are turning to sedation to calm their nerves and receive necessary treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas produces a calming effect that allows patients to relax. A mask placed over the nose will deliver both the nitrous oxide and oxygen to the patient. The effects of the gas wear off almost immediately after your procedure and you are free to drive yourself home.

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Dental fear does not have to put your oral health in jeopardy. You can overcome your anxiety and receive necessary treatment with the help of our various sedation options. To learn more about sedation dentistry, call our office today at (214) 703-6900 to schedule your appointment.

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