Add “Wow” to Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me In Garland, TX

Your smile is one of the most critical features of your appearance. Sadly, not many people feel confident about their smile due to teeth stains. Luckily, if you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth, teeth whitening from Kings Dental can transform your dull, yellowed smile into a grin that lights up a room!

How we whiten your smile

Before devising any treatment plan, Drs. Vidya Suri and AJ evaluate your teeth for cavities and gum disease signs. Should we find any oral health challenges, we recommend advanced care treatments before embarking on the teeth whitening procedure. Treating these conditions first enhances safe and satisfactory teeth whitening results.

Our dental practice in Garland, Texas, uses take-home whitening trays to whiten your smile. And don’t confuse our whitening trays with those over-the-counter whitening strips. Unlike generic whitening trays, our take-home trays are created to fit your teeth snugly for comfort and safety.

We first take impressions of your teeth to get the whitening trays custom-made. Then, we send the digital images to a dental lab to fashion trays that evenly cover your teeth, reducing exposure to sensitive areas like the gums, tongue, and cheeks. Take-home whitening trays should generate results within the first few weeks if used as directed.

Benefits of at-home teeth whitening

With many teeth whitening options out there, you may be confused about the best method suited for you. At Kings Dental, we recommend dentist-dispensed take-home whitening trays for the following reasons.

  • Minimal teeth sensitivity: While take-home whitening trays use more potent bleaching agents than OTC products, the concentration is precise to offer desired results with minimal teeth sensitivity
  • Convenience: You can whiten your teeth anytime at your home, office, or as your schedule allows
  • Portability: You can use your teeth whitening trays while on the go or in the workplace
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We strive to empower you, to make well-informed decisions about your oral health through individual consultation.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Near Me

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