Common Symptoms That Could Be Pointing to You Needing A Root Canal

Symptoms of Needing a Root Canal in Garland TX Area

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when a tooth’s inner pulp (consisting of nerves, blood vessels, and more) becomes infected and needs to be removed. If left untreated, the inner tooth infection can spread from the tooth into the jaw and into the bloodstream, leading to several possible health complications. When you need a root canal in the Garland, Texas, area, reach out to our team at Kings Dental. Here are some common possible symptoms if you are unsure how to tell if you need a root canal.

Consistent Pain

One of the more obvious signs that you might need a root canal is if you are experiencing consistent pain in a tooth. Constant pain would be described as a pain that never goes away and nags at you all the time or goes away at times but then comes back. Pain may not be localized at the tooth but could spread to other areas, including your jaw, face, or other teeth. Tooth pain does not immediately mean you need a root canal. It could be caused by a less serious cavity, a broken filling, an impacted tooth, or gum disease. The important thing to understand is that if you are feeling pain in your mouth, you should call your dentist and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Increased Sensitivity to Heat and Cold

If you begin experiencing significant discomfort in your tooth when you eat hot food or drink a cold drink, it could be a symptom that you need a root canal. This tooth sensitivity could present as either acute, sharp pain or a dull ache. This sensitivity to heat and cold could indicate that the nerves in your tooth have become infected or damaged, which can be fixed with a root canal.

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Tooth Discoloration

When the inner pulp of your tooth becomes infected, it could cause a discoloration of your tooth. When the internal tissues of a tooth break down, it can lead to root damage. This root damage, in turn, can turn your tooth a grayish or black hue. While tooth discoloration can be due to several factors, you should always reach out to your dentist as soon as possible if you notice it, even if there is no pain associated with the color change.

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