The cost of teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Cost of teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment requested by patients in the Garland, TX area who want to brighten their smile. However, many patients are worried about the cost. Many turn to over-the-counter products available at the local drugstore, only to find they are throwing their money away. Instead, patients are encouraged to book an appointment at Kings Dental to speak to Dr. Vidya Suri about professional whitening.

Why professional whitening?

Professional whitening is completed in a dental office. Dr. Vidya Suri is an experienced dental professional who helps patients address not only cosmetic issues with the smile but also provides general and restorative dentistry. She works closely with patients to help them decide what is best and how they can achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. At Kings Dental, professional whitening is a popular treatment because it is effective and affordable. The cost of treatment will vary depending on the amount of whitening needed and if patients want to undergo several treatments within a certain period for dramatic results. Otherwise, patients can pay once and then enjoy continued whitening with our Whitening for Life program. This program provides patients with professional-grade whitening gel if they maintain their six-month cleanings and examinations at her practice for continued oral health benefits.

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At Kings Dental, Garland, TX area patients can learn more about the cost of teeth whitening available through our practice. Instead of throwing money away on over-the-counter treatments that fail to work, we encourage patients to take the time today to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Vidya Suri and discuss the advantages of her Whitening for Life program. Book an appointment by visiting the practice at 6521 Duck Creek Drive or calling (214) 703-6900. She encourages families to see what sets her practice apart from the rest!

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