Affordable quality dentures do more than just restore smiles for Mesquite, TX area patients

Affordable Quality Dentures near Mesquite TX

If you find yourself facing complete tooth extraction, you may feel hopeless. Your teeth are important to your appearance and your life. You may be wondering, “How will I ever eat regular foods again?” “Will I be embarrassed to smile?” “Will I look much older than I am?” “How am I going to afford to replace all of my teeth?”

All of these thoughts are valid and cross the mind of every patient who is faced with advanced tooth loss. While it may seem overwhelming, there is good news. Dentures are an affordable option that has stood the test of time.

Upon hearing mention of the term “dentures” many patients immediately flashback to images of their grandparents’ false teeth. Perhaps you remember how fake they looked sitting in a glass on the table, or how they never seemed to fit right and stay in place. While it’s true, dentures have been a tried and true method of replacing teeth for many decades, like most other dental technologies; they have advanced in such a way to make them natural looking and functioning.

There are several types of dentures. The right one for you depends on the severity of your tooth loss. For patients who are missing just a few teeth, partial dentures might be necessary. However, if you are missing an entire arch of teeth, you will need full or complete dentures.

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As with many other dental prosthetics, life with dentures will be a bit of an adjustment in the beginning. This is because the muscles of the face have to learn how to function properly with the dentures. This adjustment period can be frustrating for many patients, but patience is the key. After a few weeks of practice, biting, chewing, and speaking with the dentures will become second nature.

To maintain your dentures for longer, it is important to take good care of them. This includes cleaning them every day and storing them in a soft, safe place where they are out of reach from children or pets.

Losing your teeth does not have to mean losing a part of yourself. Dentures can give you back your confidence and your smile. If you reside in Mesquite, TX or the surrounding area, call us today to learn more.

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