Porcelain Dental Crowns: An Excellent Way to Preserve Natural Teeth

Best Porcelain Dental Crowns in Mesquite Area

Your teeth work every day. When chewing food and biting substances, your teeth absorb most of the shock. While your teeth are built for tenacity, they are also susceptible to cracks and fractures. Unfortunately, pain and tooth sensitivity can be unbearable when your tooth is damaged. The good news is that at Kings Dental, Dr. Vidya Suri and the team can revive your smile using natural-looking dental crowns. Tooth-shaped caps improve the appearance and strength of your tooth and protect the tooth underneath from further damage. Why Do I Need A Dental Crown? By now, you know a dental crown is used to revive … Continue reading

Save Yourself Oral Pain by Scheduling an Appointment with a Root Canal Dentist

Root Canal Dentist Office Near Me In Garland, TX

Are you suffering from an excruciating toothache that won’t yield to painkillers? Your tooth could be infected, and you need to act right away before the infection spreads to the nearby structures. At Kings Dental, we offer root canal therapy to stop oral pain while keeping your tooth intact. What is a root canal? To help you understand a root canal, you need to comprehend the anatomy of your tooth. Your tooth is composed of three parts. The outermost part is the enamel which protects your tooth from damage. Beneath the enamel lies the dentin and on the innermost part of your tooth … Continue reading

Add “Wow” to Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me In Garland, TX

It goes without saying that your smile is one of the most critical features of your appearance. Sadly, not too many people feel confident about their smile due to teeth stains. Luckily, if you are not happy with the shade of your teeth, teeth whitening from Kings Dental can transform your dull, yellowed smile into a grin that lights up a room! How we whiten your smile Before devising any treatment plan, Drs. Vidya Suri and Patel evaluate your teeth to look for cavities and gum disease signs. Should we find any oral health challenges, we recommend advanced care treatments before embarking … Continue reading

Kings Dental Is Currently Accepting DentaQuest Insurance Plans

Dentaquest Insurance Plans Dentist Near Me In Garland TX

Have you ever gone to the dentist only to learn that you cannot afford to pay for the necessary treatments? That can be incredibly frustrating. Your dental health is vitally important, and the last thing you want is the added stress of figuring out how you will pay for it. DentaQuest is a form of dental benefits coverage which strives to provide patients with an affordable means of paying for dental treatment. If you are in the Garland, Texas area and looking for a dentist who accepts DentaQuest near you, look no further than Dr. Vidya Suri, Dr. Patel, and … Continue reading

Affordable Crowns and Bridges for replacing missing teeth

Affordable Crowns And Bridges Treatments Near Me In Garland TX

Have you recently had a tooth extracted? Or perhaps you’ve lost a tooth through an injury? A missing tooth can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. At Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, we install affordable crowns and bridges to fix gaps in your smile. But because you may not be familiar with these restorative dental treatments, we’re here to shed some light on crowns and bridges. What is a dental crown? Dental crowns are prosthetic devices used to cover a tooth to improve its appearance and strength. Crowns are versatile and often used to complete an implant, anchor a bridge, … Continue reading

Signs you need to have your Wisdom Teeth extracted

Professional Dentist For Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Me In Garland TX

Despite their name, wisdom teeth won’t make you any wiser. Instead, these late-stage molars often cause discomfort when erupting from the gums and can cause crowding if your mouth is too small to accommodate additional teeth. In worst cases, wisdom teeth have been known to cause jaw misalignment, cysts, and sinus problems. With all the negative vibes from wisdom teeth, some people are fortunate enough to never experience any discomfort. Given these two split scenarios, the question you might be asking is: “Must I undergo wisdom teeth removal?” If you are curious to find out, Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, has the answer. When … Continue reading

Five reasons to choose Mercury-free Fillings for treating cavities

What Are The Reasons To Choose Mercury Free Fillings In Garland TX

Although silver fillings have served for many years in treating cavities, many dentists today are turning to safer, more effective restorations in the form of mercury-free composite fillings. Unlike silver fillings which contain mercury and other metals, composite resin fillings (also known as tooth-colored fillings) are completely metal-free. If you’re looking for safer, natural-looking alternatives for cavity treatment, Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, offers metal-free tooth-colored fillings to restore your teeth to health. Here are some excellent reasons to consider composite fillings for your teeth: No health risk As mentioned, silver fillings contain mercury, a toxic substance that can pose a … Continue reading

Cost-Effective Tooth Bridges: Are They the Right Choice for You?

Cost Effective Tooth Bridges near me in Available In, Garland

There are numerous ways to rectify the problem of a missing tooth. One of these is a dental bridge. Dental bridges are false teeth that stand in the gap between natural teeth to reconstruct your smile. At Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, we specialize in cost-effective dental bridge procedures. A thorough dental evaluation by Dr. Vidya Suri can determine if a dental bridge would be a good fit for you. Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Dental implants and bridges are the most common dental treatments for replacing missing teeth. Both are effective in restoring the quality and appearance of your smile. … Continue reading

Silver Amalgam Fillings vs. Tooth-Colored Mercury-Free Fillings

About Types Of Tooth Colored Mercury Free Fillings near me in, Garland

Tooth decay is a common dental problem among children and adults alike. Through routine checkups, your Garland, Texas dentist can catch and fill cavities early on before they cause too much damage to your teeth. At Kings Dental in Garland, you can choose from diverse materials for your fillings, ranging from gold and silver to tooth-colored mercury-free fillings, to suit your oral care needs. Dr. Vidya Suri can help you select the best type of filling for your teeth.  Types of Tooth Fillings Tooth fillings come in diverse types of materials, each with its pros and cons. These include: silver amalgam gold … Continue reading

Top Benefits of Veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry and Medicare Cover

The benefits of Veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry in, Garland TX

If yellow, chipped, or cracked teeth are keeping you from smiling more readily, it’s time to correct these imperfections with dental veneer treatment. Veneers are thin porcelain or resin composite shells that are attached to your natural teeth to conceal imperfections and improve their overall appearance. If you’re considering veneers to enhance your smile, there’s no better place than Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, to obtain quality, affordable dental veneer treatment. Reasons to Consider Dental Veneer Treatment There are numerous benefits to choosing dental veneers to perfect your smile. These include: Cost-effective Versatile treatment Natural appearance Easy maintenance/long-lasting results Protection of weaker … Continue reading

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