The Benefits of Your Child Seeing a Dentist By Their First Birthday

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When it comes to your child’s dental development and health, you may not realize how early it is recommended they have that first appointment with their dentist. If you are looking for a family dental practice in Garland, Texas, that accepts Medicare, you should set an appointment with the team at Kings Dental.

Why Bring Your Child in At Such An Early Age?

 If you are the parent of a one-year-old or one who is younger but who already has their first tooth breaking through, you may wonder why you need to bring them in at such an early age. The truth of the matter is that there are still several benefits that your child can get from seeing a dentist. Their mouths will be healthier now and, in the future, if you bring them in at the ADA recommended age of 1 or earlier (if they have their first tooth before their first birthday). Bringing your child in from this early age will set them on a path of excellent dental health as your dentist will be able to observe their tooth and jaw development and spot any issues in this development. Bringing your child in at this age also establishes good habits that they will be able to carry with them as they get older.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit Will Benefit You as Well!

 While it is important for your child to see a dentist at such an early age so that their oral development can be monitored, you (as a parent) will also reap some benefits. Something that is helpful, especially for first-time parents, is the education that your child’s dentist can provide to you. Your child’s dentist will be able to give direction and helpful tips on how you can adequately care for your child’s teeth. Some topics that may be covered include:

  • How to instill an oral hygiene routine in your child from an early age
  • Tips for helping your little one brush their teeth properly 
  • The significance of gum and tooth health care, including brushing, flossing, and rinsing
  • When you should consider taking your child’s pacifier away and the risk of prolonged use
  • Foods and drinks that are tooth-friendly
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Make Sure You Have Proper Dental Coverage Before the First Appointment

Whether you will be utilizing dental insurance, Medicaid, or some other form of payment to pay for your child’s dental appointment, having this planned out with your child’s dentist before the first appointment is important. This should not be a source of stress as many dentists now offer payment plans through services such as CareCredit if you need to set that up.

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