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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Vidya Suri
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"Caring Doctor and friendly environment makes me feel at home. Everyone working here is excellent and awesome. It is a trustworthy clinic where they consider patient care priority than money. Worth spending here and I recommend everyone to visit this clinic for your treatment. They only take care of what we need. Excellent!!!!"
Having a beautiful smile can have a positive impact on one’s appearance and confidence. Even small, discreet aesthetic changes to the smile can make a big difference when it comes to self-esteem and making better first impressions. At Kings Dental, we offer a wide selection of cosmetic treatments to help boost and enhance the appearance of the smile. Here are just a few of the services offered through our state-of-the-art dental facility:

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a wonderful way to disguise imperfections in the smile. They are made of ceramic, which is both beautiful and strong. Veneers are bonded over the front of teeth to address permanent staining, misalignment, breakage, and other flaws. They can last several decades with proper care.

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes all that is needed to enhance a smile is simple bleaching. Professional-grade teeth whitening treatments are available at Kings Dental, as well as our Whitening for Life program. New patients who come in for an examination, cleaning, and x-rays can take home custom-made whitening trays and bleaching solution for home use, and we continue to provide patients with whitening gel as long as they maintain their regular recall appointments with Dr. Suri and her staff.

Resin Dental Fillings

When cavities occur, patients can rely on Dr. Suri to provide them with cosmetic restorations such as tooth-colored dental fillings. Unlike metal, this resin material blends in beautifully with the color and appearance of the natural tooth. This is a discreet way of addressing tooth decay quickly, easily, and affordably.
Dr. Suri and the team at Kings Dental are committed to helping patients rejuvenate the appearance of their smile. Using state-of-the-art equipment and quality materials, patients can enjoy a stronger, more beautiful, healthier smile in just a few visits. We strive to provide the best quality dental care in the Garland area, and assist patients in all the surrounding communities including Mesquite and Rowlett.
If you and your family are interested in visiting a dental practice that offers comprehensive dental services as well as pediatric care, contact our team today to schedule a consultation appointment and an office tour.

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