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Dental Implants at Kings Dental Garland TX.

After a tooth loss, patients are often confronted with the option of choosing between dentures or bridges. However, Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental is now offering her patients another method of restoration known as dental implants.

Dental implants are titanium screws that the dentist will place into the jaw bone during oral surgery. Once this is done, the process of “osseointegration” occurs. This is a process during which the bone begins to grow and wrap around the implant, holding it firmly in place—similar to the way the bone holds a natural tooth root. This bone is what holds the implant and gives it the strength necessary to function as a tooth replacement. After the implant has been placed, Dr. Suri will place an abutment and then a full dental crown which is custom made and appears as a natural tooth.

Dental implants are highly desirable for a number of reasons. Dental implants are known for lasting a lifetime with proper care, unlike bridges and dentures which may need to be regularly repaired or replaced over time. Dental implants are also the strongest method of restoration and the most beautiful. They do not rely on the existing natural teeth for support as a dental bridge does, and they are permanently placed. Dental implants are also affordable, long-term solutions which can help patients restore the effectiveness and beauty of their smile. The best candidates for dental implants are patients with enough bone structure to initially hold the implant in place, and those with smiles free from periodontal disease and decay. A consultation appointment and thorough examination can help Dr. Suri determine if a patient is well-suited for this particular restorative solution.

If you live in the Garland, TX area or surrounding community and are interested in learning more about dental implants as a tooth restoration option, please contact our team at Kings Dental today to book a consultation visit with Dr. Vidya Suri to discuss the benefits of dental implants over dentures and bridges. Our practice treats every patient like royalty and ensures quality, comprehensive dental care for children and adults!

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