Dental implants treatment has never been more comfortable and convenient in Garland TX

Dental implants treatment has never been more comfortable and convenient in Garland TX

The time is now to benefit from Dental Implants Treatment in Garland, TX at Kings Dental — where every patient is royalty. Personal attention means you may never need tooth replacement. When quality care combines advanced diagnostics like intraoral cameras, Dr. Vidya Suri and her team “catch” problems before decay or disease threatens a tooth and either falls out on its own or needs extraction.

In the event of emergencies or other dental trauma, Kings Dental offers tooth replacement that looks and feels no different from a beautifully healthy natural tooth. A long-lasting alternative to conventional options to replace a missing tooth or a mouthful of teeth, implants rebuild teeth from the root up so they appear and function as nature intends. Dental bridges get their strength from surrounding teeth, while dentures rely on suction or adhesives for stability. Dental implant-retained crowns and dentures stand on their own. The implant itself is placed in your jawbone like a natural tooth root. When connected to the crown or denture by way of abutments (or other connector pieces), the implant provides stability in much the same way that natural tooth roots stabilize the teeth that developed with you over time.

Timing Matters

Dr. Suri’s approach of personalized, proactive care means tooth replacement occurs sooner rather than later. We use tools like digital X-rays, which eliminate the need for biting down on messy goo or papers to get an accurate picture of your mouth for treatment planning. These types of technologies are less likely to induce a gag reflux, and our patients appreciate how comfortable and safe they are – emitting up to 90 percent less radiation than conventional X-rays. We combine these technologies with a gentle hand and calming medications. Dr. Suri is trained and experienced with offering sedation dentistry suited to patients with varying levels of fear and anxiety, or for those individuals who are undergoing complex procedures (or many treatments at one time). Fears melt away! The procedure itself is well-tolerated as a minor outpatient surgery requiring little more than local anesthetic to numb the treatment site.

It’s important to remove barriers to your getting the treatment you need, because the sooner you replace missing teeth, the better. Teeth give structure to your face, and are required for healthy eating and understandable speech. For our teeth to stay strong, the bone that surrounds them must remain strong. Teeth get their strength from the fleeting contacts that occur throughout the day without your even noticing them, as well as from the act of grinding, chewing, and mashing food. When you have no teeth to maintain those contacts, bone growth – density, width, and height — slows. When surrounding bone is lost, it can devastate your appearance, and ability to speak and eat properly. This process starts immediately after extraction, and at breakneck pace; one-fourth of the width of bone is lost after one year of missing teeth or wearing ill-fitting or conventional, removable dentures. Those dentures do nothing to keep bone strong but dental implant-supported dentures and crowns do prevent or stop bone loss.

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Implants for lasting beautiful smiles and health

Dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium. This material is lightweight yet incredibly strong, and it’s also “biocompatible,” which means it “gets along” with living tissues. Notably, titanium can fuse to surrounding bone. This is where implants get their power. When implants are joined to the bone in your jaw as part of a natural process called osseointegration, the crowns or dentures that are securely placed on top of those artificial tooth roots are not only stabilized, but the entire connected system of bone, implant, abutment/connectors and denture or crown “feels” those contacts between teeth. Bone in the jaw that “gets used” doesn’t atrophy; it stays strong! Treat your new teeth like natural teeth (very well!) with good hygiene and visits to Kings Dental.

It’s also good to know:

  • There is no single type of tooth replacement that works for everyone. Dr. Suri takes great care to use the finest materials and assure the most proper fit with conventional dentures.
  • Implants do require sufficient bone structure, but resorpotion doesn’t preclude you from the procedure. Grafting builds up bone and may be so minor it can be completed at the same time as the implant.
  • Healing time varies from person to person, but generally has been reduced thanks to the medical community’s improved understanding of how titanium attaches to bone.
  • Soft foods may be recommended post-procedures, but after the last restorative stage (where we place the crowns or denture), only minor adjustments may be needed over time to tighten the abutment that can loosen with use.

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