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Teeth Whitening at Kings Dental Garland TX.

Over time, the smile can suffer from yellowing, discoloration, and staining. This may be due to the foods patients eat or even genetics. Thankfully, patients have an option for rejuvenating their smile: teeth whitening!

Whitening, or bleaching, the smile is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available through Kings Dental. Our practice provides effective whitening solutions to improve the appearance of a smile. Whitening the enamel of the teeth is safe. Our practice provides take-home whitening trays to assist in enhancing the natural beauty of one’s smile!

Our practice also offers a “Whitening for Life” program for new patients. When patients visit our practice for an examination, x-rays, and a professional cleaning, they can enjoy the benefits of our custom-made whitening trays. We provide patients with trays and whitening gel to be used in the comfort of their own home to rejuvenate their smile, and when they return in six months for their recall appointment, they can pick up more whitening gel for continued maintenance of their brilliantly white smile.

Dr. Suri of Kings Dental helps patients boost the color of their smile to bring it from drab to fab. We can help with our quality, professional-grade whitening products that far surpass the results achieved with over-the-counter solutions. Whitening products available through drugstores, such as strips, mouthwashes, trays, and toothpastes, do not always offer patients the results they expect. Instead, professional-grade whitening trays and bleaching gels through our practice are much more reliable and produce far better results. Our trays are custom-made with impressions of the teeth to ensure proper fit and better coverage of the whitening gel, and patients can enjoy a dazzling new smile in as little as a few weeks with our quality solutions.

If you live in the Garland area or surrounding communities, Dr. Suri of Kings Dental is happy to assist you in rejuvenating your smile! Using quality professional-grade whitening products, you can seek an amazingly new, brilliant smile in no time at all! Contact our practice today to learn about our Whitening for Life program and make improving your smile your top priority!

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