Sedation dentistry in Garland offers comfortable treatments for patients of all ages

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When patients think of dental appointments, the last word that comes to their mind is “comfortable.” Fortunately, with improvements in today’s medicine, patients can enjoy just that! Dr. Vidya Suri and the team at Kings Dental offer sedation dentistry to patients in and around the area of Garland, Texas to completely change the way they experience time in the dental chair.

Sedation dentistry allows patients to use today’s medication to calm them during their dental visits. Our practice offers two methods of sedation for a relaxing effect, including nitrous oxide sedation and oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous oxide, more commonly referred to as “laughing gas,” is a gas sedative. It is administered through a special mask that is placed over the nose. Patients can breathe in the gas, which is odorless and colorless, and within minutes experience the relaxation they require to get through any dental treatment. Nitrous oxide sedation can be easily reversed with the administration of oxygen. Many patients, including children, find this to be an effective way of reducing mild to moderate dental anxieties during their visits.

Another solution is oral conscious sedation. It uses a special medication prescribed by the doctor before the appointment. Patients take the medication orally and then arrive at the dental office approximately one hour later. They are awake, conscious, and can answer questions and follow directions. Patients experience a sense of calmness and relaxation. Once the appointment is complete, patients are transported home and rest until the effects of the medication wear off.

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Both methods of sedation are available for new and existing patients. We welcome all family members into our state-of-the-art facility to discuss the possibilities of a more positive experience during their dental services. We can make recommendations for patients based on their levels of anxiety and their budgets.

Dr. Vidya Suri and the dedicated team at Kings Dental work closely with patients interested in getting their dental work done with the help of sedation. Contact our team of professionals today to make an appointment by calling (214) 703-6900.

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