Complete dentures can restore smiles and confidence for patients in Garland area

Complete dentures can restore smiles and confidence for patients in Garland area

Many of us take our teeth for granted, thinking we will have them for a lifetime. If you have ever lost teeth as an adult, you understand the discomfort and inconvenience that comes along with it. One of the most common and reliable methods for replacing missing teeth has always been dentures.

We often find that patients cringe at the mere mention of dentures. Many think back to the plastic, fake-looking teeth that their grandparents used to wear and so they want nothing to do with them. Dentures are typically thought to be uncomfortable, ugly, or unnatural.

Today, dentures are much different from the dentures of the past. Enhancements in dental technology have allowed dentures to be natural-looking, comfortable, and affordable solutions for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth.

Some of the many benefits of dentures include:

  • Patients are able to chew again, being able to chew properly helps ensure proper digestion
  • Beautiful, natural-looking smile
  • Restored confidence, many patients are embarrassed by missing teeth, and dentures can help regain that missing self-esteem
  • Improved speech, it is much easier to speak without missing teeth

Both partial and complete dentures provide an excellent solution for patients to restore their smile. Similar to complete dentures, partial dentures are a great alternative to dental bridges because they do not require any alteration of existing teeth.

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For patients who are looking for the most stable restoration, complete dentures supported by dental implants may be the best solution. Implants replace the missing tooth root and fuse with the jawbone to hold the dentures securely.

If you are missing teeth, don’t fret. Dentures can give you back the beautiful smile that you once had. To learn more about how full or partial dentures or dental implants can give you back the appearance and functionality of your smile, call Kings Dental today to schedule your consultation. Our office is located at 6521 Duck Creek Drive, Garland, TX 75043.

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