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Dental Crowns Cost and Benefits in Garland Tx Area

Enamel is stronger than skeletal bone. But it is not impervious. Damage to enamel includes jagged tooth surfaces such as chips. Dr. Vidya Suri rebuilds damaged tooth enamel with quality dental materials fit for a king (or queen). After you weigh the cost and benefits of dental crowns in Garland TX at Dr. Suri’s office, we are confident you will be happy with the investment you have made in your smile and health.

When you may need a crown …

Tooth enamel can be chipped or otherwise damaged due to all sorts of problems, biting down on ice or hard candy, chronic tooth-grinding, or as the result of a car or sports-related accidents. Weak teeth are more vulnerable to chipping. So, it is important for Dr. Suri to routinely examine your mouth for decay and other conditions that weaken tooth enamel during check-ups at Kings Dental.

Treatment for chipped teeth depends on the extent of the damage; for instance, small chips may be successfully repaired by Dr. Suri with either a tooth-colored filling or by bonding composite resin or porcelain veneers to the damaged areas. These options are conservative, preserving maximal natural tooth structure. In those cases where a large piece of the tooth has broken off or is badly decayed, Dr. Suri may recommend either a partial crown (or dental onlay) or a full-coverage crown.

Actual Patient Results

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Crowns provide greater coverage, to properly protect the natural tooth from further damage. In this way, you can avoid the need for more extensive treatments, such as root canal therapy (followed by a crown) or extraction (followed by tooth replacement such as bridges and implant-supported prosthetics).

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The value of “royal treatment”

Dental fees for crowns vary considerably from office to office, even among dentists in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Dr. Suri is confident you’ll get the most out of your investment; she uses only the finest high noble metals and partners with only the most skilled lab ceramists, tasked with making your crown. With good oral hygiene, your durable crown can last a lifetime! Additionally, Kings Dental accepts many different types of insurance, including Medicaid and CHIP. As a “medically necessary” treatment, at least 50% of the crown is typically covered by most insurance plans. The burden of out-of-pocket costs can further be reduced with financing, which turns your expense into manageable monthly payments.

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