Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy with a DentaQuest Pediatric Dentist

Let your kids end up with healthy teeth with our DentaQuest pediatric dentist Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental in Garland, TX,

As a parent, you always want the best for your kids. And taking care of their oral health is an excellent way of brightening their life. Donning a healthy, radiant smile is superb, and it all starts with pediatric dentistry. Are you ready to get started with pediatric dentistry in Garland, Texas? Look no further than Kings Dental. While Dr. Vidya Suri loves all patients, she has a special heart for kids. Besides, we offer a friendly and inviting environment to make your kids as comfortable as possible. Kings Dental is also enlisted with DentaQuest for more accessible dental care.

Benefits of pediatric dentistry

According to the ADA, you should take your kid to a dentist at the earliest of 12 months or when the first tooth sprouts. Pediatric dentistry provides the below benefits.

Lifelong, healthy habits

If you want to achieve long-term health benefits, the journey is a marathon and not a sprint. Research shows that starting oral hygiene at an early age yields lifelong, sustainable health benefits. Taking your kid to a dentist symbolizes that their oral health matters and they are likely to follow this routine throughout their life.

Maintains oral health

While at-home brushing and flossing are pivotal for your kid’s oral health, visiting a dentist provides other oral benefits. Firstly, dental cleanings eliminate tartar buildup that may cause oral diseases. Secondly, a pediatric dentist probes your kid’s mouth to examine the mouth’s general health, including the progress of teeth development.

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Minimizes dental anxiety

Even as an adult, dental visits aren’t always comfortable — and if you look back, your childhood dental experience played an essential role in how you view dentist checkups today.

For this reason, introducing your kid to a dentist at an early age normalizes the routine, and soon enough, it will eliminate dental anxiety.

DentaQuest Dentist near me

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist enlisted with DentaQuest? Please contact (214) 703-6900 to book an appointment with Kings Dental of Garland, TX. Since we understand you always want to give your kid the best of everything, we offer high-quality pediatric dentistry services to give your kids lifelong health benefits.

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