Dentist in the Richardson area offers a wide array of comprehensive dental services

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Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental is committed to helping others achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Her Garland practice also serves patients in and around the areas of Richardson and Rowlett. At Kings Dental, we have invested in a wide range of technology and materials to provide only the best for our patients. This family-friendly practice opens its doors to new patients for quality, comprehensive dental care.


Our practice offers treatments under several categories, including:

  • General dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry

This allows our patients to have many of their treatments done under one roof without having to be referred to other professionals in the area for care. We can help patients of all ages with their dental concerns and provide effective, affordable treatment.

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We strive to empower you, to make well-informed decisions about your oral health through individual consultation.

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There are numerous treatments available through Kings Dental, which include:

  • Dentures – full and partial dentures are available in our practice.
  • Gum disease – prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum disease is available at Kings Dental. This preventable disease requires patients to take good care of their smiles between dental visits.
  • Veneers – made of porcelain, these custom facings provide coverage of dental imperfections for a flawless smile.
  • Teeth whitening – a bright smile is not only brilliantly beautiful but allows patients to exude health and self-confidence each and every day!
  • Wisdom tooth extractions – the removal of the third molars is often necessary for patients to achieve a healthy smile, especially when impaction occurs.
  • Dental implants – restorations such as implants are used to replace missing teeth in a permanent manner.
  • Dental crowns and bridges – replacing teeth and restoring natural structures is achieved with the use of crowns and bridges
  • Root canal therapy – when infection occurs inside of a tooth, root canal therapy can be performed to eliminate the need to extract a natural, adult tooth.

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