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There are many reasons that may lead a patient to need dentures. Age, gum disease, or trauma can all cause the loss of natural teeth. Luckily, options such as dentures can help patients gain back some of what was lost. Dentures are natural-looking prosthetic appliances that take the place of natural teeth. They sit on top of the gum line and they are held in place via suction and special dental adhesive.

While there is an adjustment period and learning curve with dentures, patients will eventually be able to talk, bite, and chew with ease, gaining back their appearance and confidence. Denture care is an important part of getting the most out of your dental restoration. With the right care, dentures can last for many years, making them cost-effective for most patients.

If you have dentures, consider the following guidelines for taking proper care of them:

  • Clean them daily. This means using a special denture brush and then soaking them overnight. Avoid brushing too hard as it could potentially damage a portion of the dentures. Cleaning your dentures helps to eliminate odor and keep them looking beautiful.
  • Continue to brush your gums, tongue, and any remaining natural teeth before you put your dentures in. This helps remove plaque and stimulate circulation in the gums.
  • Use a mouthwash to help keep your mouth feeling clean.
  • Use special care when handling the dentures. You do not want your dentures to break, so handling them properly is important. Clean them over a towel or basin of water just in case you accidentally drop them. Also, keep them out of reach of children and pets when they are soaking.
  • Maintain regular dental visits. This helps the dentist monitor the condition of the dentures and make sure they fit properly. If there are any issues, the dentist can adjust them to ensure the fit is correct.
  • Keep your dentures moist when they aren’t in use to prevent drying out and warping.
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Caring properly for your dentures can help ensure that you get to enjoy them for many years. For our Garland, TX area patients who wish to learn more about denture care, you can call us to set up an appointment.

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