Fix chipped teeth with veneers options, preventive care fit for a king in Garland TX

Fix Chipped Teeth with Veneers Options, in Garland Tx Area

There are many sources of chipped teeth. Fortunately, most of these causes can be managed to prevent such damage to tooth enamel. At Kings Dental, Dr. Vidya Suri and her team can also fix chipped teeth with veneers in Garland TX. Dr. Suri places direct veneers made from composite resin or indirect veneers fabricated from dental porcelain. In her skilled hands, both options restore the appearance of your teeth, and prevent further wear and tear, which can result in extensive damage and even the loss of the affected tooth!

Preventive options fit for a king

Tooth enamel is stronger than skeletal bone. But it is susceptible to damage, such as chips and fractures, from:

  • Car accidents, falls, and other trauma
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Grinding and clenching your teeth, especially during sleep and when concentrating
  • Biting down on fingernails, ice, candies, popcorn kernels, and other hard objects

Luckily, Dr. Suri and her friendly team have many options to prevent chipped teeth resulting from injuries on the field or court, teeth-grinding or bruxism, and habits that take a toll on your teeth.

Routine check-ups are the foundation of preventive care. During these visits, Dr. Suri and her staff discuss ways to keep your teeth healthy and smile intact. They can also discuss preventive treatments, including:

  • Mouthguards or dental appliances are worn when engaging in contact sports
  • Nightguards customized to your specifications and worn when you sleep to protect your teeth from damage caused by grinding and clenching
  • Lifestyle modifications that encourage healthy nutrition and hygiene, such as limiting sticky and sugary foods that erode teeth

Preventive measures such as nightguards can also be used to protect chipped teeth that are treated with veneers.

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Royal treatment with restorative care

Depending on your needs, Dr. Suri may recommend either direct composite veneers (bonding) or indirect porcelain veneers. Both methods involve applying a dental material that looks and feels like natural tooth material to the surface of the teeth. With bonding, that material is a mix of pliable plastic and glass particles, which Dr. Suri places on the tooth and shapes to cover up chips and other dental flaws. With indirect veneers, that material is typically porcelain. The porcelain veneer is made in an offsite lab. Dr. Suri prepares the tooth by removing a small amount of natural enamel. Once the veneer is ready, it is cemented in place. A temporary veneer may be worn to protect the prepared tooth while the permanent veneer is being made.

There are many things to consider when exploring how to repair or cover up chipped teeth. Call (214) 703-6900 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Suri at Kings Dental in Garland TX.

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