Friendly children’s care and preventive services in Garland TX fight dental fear, encourage health

Children’s Care and Preventive Services in Garland Tx Area

Many dental practices in and around Dallas-Fort Worth may claim to treat patients across the generations, from infants to seniors; however, Garland TX children’s dental care at Kings Dental is truly designed with the youngest patients in mind. Dr. Vidya Suri and her team offer family- and kid-friendly amenities and services that you can’t find elsewhere.

A fun environment

Kings Dental feels that one of the best ways to prevent or fight dental fear and anxiety is to create a supportive and friendly atmosphere that your kids look forward to visiting! Our younger patients love that we have a dedicated children’s play area, stocked with video games, coloring sheets and crayons, and books. We motivate patients to keep their teeth sparkling clean with a surprise toy from our treasure chest after every appointment. We regularly offer special promotions, such as spin-brushes. Moreover, our staff loves being mothers and aunts – they enjoy working with children and it shows. They know how to speak with young patients about treatment in a way that isn’t scary, and are happy to pass what they know on to caregivers.

Should your child need a little “help” when it comes to calming down before their visit or treatment, Kings Dental has that covered, too! Dr. Suri can discuss sedative options that are safe for all ages, and that take effect and wear off quickly. So, there is no lingering drowsiness afterward!

Special services

During routine checkups and cleanings, Dr. Suri and her team love to suggest techniques and products to make effective cleaning a breeze; however, Kings Dental also provides a number of preventive and restorative treatments that are well-suited to the special needs of pediatric patients. These services include:

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  • Dental sealants – Described by the American Dental Association as “raincoats for teeth,” these protective coatings are applied to decay-prone back teeth. The ADA reports sealants decreased the risk of decay in molars by around 80%. When properly applied to the grooved surfaces of the teeth by Dr. Suri, sealants prevent cavities and the progression of early-stage decay.
  • Fluoride treatments – As children’s teeth develop, this natural cavity-fighter helps to make the enamel stronger, more resistant to decay, and it can also rebuild or remineralize weak teeth and reverse the effects of early decay.
  • Pulpotomy – This procedure involves removing inflamed tissue and sterilizing the pulp chamber at the center of a tooth. Usually, treatment is performed on a baby’s molar to reliably “save” a badly decayed tooth.

Kings Dental is also proud to accept patients aged 21 and younger who are enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP.

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