The Great Gatorade and Caries Epidemiology

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Sports drinks and Dental Cavities

At our dental practice in Garland, we constantly see parents who are unsure as to why their kids develop dental cavities and experience erosion of their teeth when they don’t drink sodas or eat much candy.

Upon further questioning, we frequently hear the answer that their children are involved in sports activities (all day sometimes), and they need to replenish their energy levels constantly. So, they drink a lot of Gatorade or similar sports drinks.

Therein lies the answer to their confusion about why they develop cavities in their teeth.


Gatorade and most sports drinks contain a fair amount of sugar/carbohydrates coupled with the acidity of the drink. It can be as harmful as sodas and other sugary drinks.

It may be a surprise that the culprit in tooth decay is not the quantity of sugar in these drinks, but rather the way in which these drinks are consumed. The key to preventing erosion and tooth decay is to avoid sipping on these drinks constantly. If you do have to drink Gatorade or similar drinks, you can minimize the damage by not sipping frequently and by rinsing your teeth with water after consuming it.

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