Quality dentures, without the wait! Garland TX office rolls out the red carpet via immediate, same-day service

Immediate Dentures Service in Garland Tx Area

Dr. Vidya Suri’s team lives up to its name as Kings Dental; we treat all patients like royalty! One of the ways that we assure each patient feels like they are the only patient, is by offering convenient scheduling and treatment options that fit effortlessly into their busy lifestyle. The immediate dentures service in Garland TX not only represents a hassle-free and efficient option for those patients who need to replace many or all of their teeth, but this approach is also greatly appreciated by those patients who never want to be seen in public without teeth. Such same-day denture services allow patients to enjoy the most pleasant experience and satisfaction with the tooth replacement process.

The ease of dentures fit for a king (or queen)

Many dental offices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may market dentures services. But not all have the expertise and equipment to offer immediate, same-day dentures. At other dentists’ offices, you may be limited in your options; all of your remaining unhealthy teeth would be extracted. You wouldn’t receive your dentures until after the tissues have healed, which can take several months!

With immediate dentures at Kings Dental, Dr. Suri plans for you to have teeth throughout the entire process. She and our quality lab partners work together to make your denture well before any remaining teeth are extracted. That way, on the day of your extraction, you will be able to wear dentures immediately after your teeth are removed. Patients love that they never have to be seen out and about without teeth. Plus, it gives patients a “jumpstart” on relearning how to chew naturally and comfortably and speak clearly with dentures.

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So, what is the catch?

Immediate dentures wearers should be aware of is that healing tissues evolve. For dentures to fit well, they must conform to your mouth’s contours. After your mouth has completely healed, Dr. Suri will meet with you again to see how you are adjusting to your new teeth. She’ll check for proper fit and adjust the dentures accordingly. These adjustments may include relining the underside of the denture’s base, so it fits snugly against your newly healed tissues.

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