Five reasons to choose Mercury-free Fillings for treating cavities

What Are The Reasons To Choose Mercury Free Fillings In Garland TX

Although silver fillings have served for many years in treating cavities, many dentists today are turning to safer, more effective restorations in the form of mercury-free composite fillings. Unlike silver fillings which contain mercury and other metals, composite resin fillings (also known as tooth-colored fillings) are completely metal-free. If you’re looking for safer, natural-looking alternatives for cavity treatment, Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, offers metal-free tooth-colored fillings to restore your teeth to health.

Here are some excellent reasons to consider composite fillings for your teeth:

No health risk

As mentioned, silver fillings contain mercury, a toxic substance that can pose a risk to your health and may cause mouth ulcers and allergic reactions, such as itching and rashes. Mercury-free composite fillings, on the other hand, pose no risk to your health or teeth.

Natural appearance

Silver fillings can be easily noticed on your teeth when you talk, smile or laugh. This affects the appearance of your smile. Composite fillings have a whitish hue that blends in naturally with your teeth. Dr. Vidya Suri will match the color of your filling to the enamel of the tooth being filled, making the dental restoration unnoticeable.

Less drilling

As composite fillings are bonded directly to your tooth, they require less drilling than silver fillings, so less removal of tooth structure. As a result, you retain more of your natural teeth. These mercury-free fillings are also the better choice if dental drills cause you anxiety.

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Composite fillings are durable, long-lasting, and more flexible than silver fillings, making them more effective in treating cavities. By binding directly to your damaged tooth, these fillings help strengthen it to protect it from further damage.


These tooth-colored restorations are composed of composite resin, which is a mix of glass and plastic. The resin is completely hypoallergenic, making composite fillings a safer choice if you have metal allergies.

Mercury-free fillings near me in and around Garland, TX

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