Summer Tips


Tips to Stay Cool & Safe This Summer:

Plant a shade tree

Granted it’s not instant gratification, but it absorbs heat trapping CO2, cools and moistens the air around it, and provides shade for decades to come.

Part of our proceeds go to our schools and parks. We recently planted 3 trees – a bur oak, a red oak, and a chinquapin oak – at the Bill Cody Park in Garland.

Clothes you wear

Wear loose-fitting,light-colored clothes since they naturally reflect light and heat.

Fabric Choice

Wear clothes made from natural fabrics such as cotton or hemp also breathe better and wick away sweat.

Protect Your Face

Wear a large hat that covers your entire face.

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated and carry a chilled, reusable water bottle. You can also add electrolytes to your water. We don’t recommend off the shelf sugar laden sports drinks.


Avoid caffeine and alcohol since they lead to dehydration

Activities during peak heat

If possible, stay indoors when the sun is the strongest. Spend time at a library, indoor mall, or hit the theaters.

Sunscreen Choices

Invest time and money in a good and safe sunscreen since many brands use toxic chemicals. When out in the sun, wear a safe sunscreen that’s recommended by EWG (check ewg.org for sunscreen guide and toxicities)

Consider a Custom Car Shade

When parking your car outside, use the sun shade to reflect the heat. Many custom shades are available to fit your exact car make and model.

At home

  • Run heat producing appliances such as dishwasher, washer/dryer, iron early morning or at night.
  • If you have the motivation and yard space, consider drying your clothes on a clothes line. It reduces your electric bill, and keeps your home cooler.
  •  Swap out incandescent bulbs with lower heat producing CFL bulbs.
  •  Keep the blinds down during the day to block out heat. Consider adding a thermal shade, especially on west facing windows.
  •  If your home is more than 20 years old, consider adding some insulation in the attic.
  • Consider a radiant barrier for the attic and your garage. Costco sells “Do It Yourself” kits during summer months.
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Consider sleeping on a lower floor

Hot air rises. So if your current bedroom is upstairs, and you have a furnished bedroom or basement on a lower floor, consider moving downstairs for the summer to stay cool and comfortable.

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