Tooth pain can be a dental emergency that requires prompt attention for Garland, TX area patients

Tooth pain can be a dental emergency

While many people feel like traumatic events such as tooth injuries are the main form of dental emergency, the most common reason that we see patients in the Garland area for dental emergencies is tooth pain. The truth is severe tooth pain visits far outweigh instances of injured, broken, or knocked out teeth.

Tooth pain

We understand that you may be thinking, “A toothache? Is that really a dental emergency?” Our answer is a resounding, “Yes, it can be.” We encourage all patients who are experiencing significant tooth pain to contact us rather than trying to manage the pain at home.

Patients may be experiencing tooth pain for a number of reasons. The bottom line is that tooth pain is never “normal” and can be the result of a serious underlying problem. Often, the most common reason for tooth pain is a cavity. If cavities are left untreated, it can lead to a deep infection called an abscess. This infection can spread quickly to neighboring gum tissue and teeth, causing irreversible damage.

In the meantime, patients can take some steps to alleviate discomfort while waiting for the emergency dental appointment. Over the counter medication and compresses can help reduce pain.

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Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries can be caused by a number of occurrences. We’ve seen patients who have broken or injured teeth from car accidents, sports related injuries, or falls. It is important to seek care right away for tooth injuries because the greatest opportunity to save the tooth comes within the first couple of hours post-injury.

Even when the tooth has been completely knocked-out, there is the possibility of saving it with prompt emergency treatment.

If the tooth has fallen out, take special precaution to touch only the crown of the tooth. If you can place it in the open socket, try to do so. If not, the tooth can be brought to the office in a container of milk.

If you are in the Garland area and ever experience tooth pain or a traumatic injury, the team at Kings Dental is here to help you handle your dental emergency.

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