How Emergency Dental Care Can Help You Through a Dental Crisis

Emergency Dental Care in Garland TX Area

Anyone who has ever lived through a dental emergency knows that the situation won’t resolve itself on its own. Finding an emergency dental practice is essential for painful dental emergencies in Garland, Texas, or anywhere. Perhaps you’ve had a tooth knocked out in an accident, or maybe you cracked one of your molars on a piece of hard candy. Either way, if you’re experiencing excruciating pain, finding an emergency dentist is crucial. How do you know if you should see an emergency dentist? Our guide can help you figure all of it out. How Do You Know If You Need … Continue reading

Emergency dentist in Garland TX offers unmatched responsiveness, access to care when you need it most

Emergency Dentist in Garland TX area

Dr. Vidya Suri and her team at Kings Dental take great pride in treating every patient like they are the only patient. And if ever there was a time when you deserve the king’s treatment, it would be in the event of a traumatic injury, debilitating toothache, or other dental emergency. As a true emergency dentist in Garland TX, Dr. Suri treats patients with urgent conditions as soon as possible, same day during business hours. If you need her expertise after business hours, no problem! All emergency calls are forwarded to Dr. Suri’s cell phone – a rarity in the … Continue reading

Dentist in 75041 zip code describes dental emergencies

Dentist in garland describes dental emergencies

Emergencies can occur at any time. This is why there are medical emergency rooms open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. Things can happen when we least expect them to. Because of this, it is important to have a quality professional by your side and readily available when they do. Dr. Vidya Suri is a dentist in the 75041 zip code at Kings Dental who proudly offers a variety of dental services, including emergency dental care. Dr. Vidya Suri is a dentist who offers a wide range of treatments used in the event of … Continue reading

Dental office near 75041 zip code offers emergency dental care

dental office near garland

Patients who live near the 75041 zip code area in Garland, Texas are entitled to having a quality dental practice on their side for all their dental work, including that of dental emergencies. Dental emergencies are situations that are unplanned; situations that may occur outside of standard business hours. Instead of visiting the ER for problems; such as a lost restoration, it is best to visit a dentist for immediate care. Kings Dental is a dental office located in Garland assisting new and existing patients with emergency situations. Emergency dental situations may include some of the following problems: A tooth … Continue reading

Tooth pain can be a dental emergency that requires prompt attention for Garland, TX area patients

Tooth pain can be a dental emergency

While many people feel like traumatic events such as tooth injuries are the main form of dental emergency, the most common reason that we see patients in the Garland area for dental emergencies is tooth pain. The truth is severe tooth pain visits far outweigh instances of injured, broken, or knocked out teeth. Tooth pain We understand that you may be thinking, “A toothache? Is that really a dental emergency?” Our answer is a resounding, “Yes, it can be.” We encourage all patients who are experiencing significant tooth pain to contact us rather than trying to manage the pain at … Continue reading

Dentist who provides emergency care for Garland pediatric patients

Dentist who provides emergency care

Children in the Garland area who need emergency pediatric dental care can get the attention they require at Kings Dental. Our practice is family-friendly and encourages parents to bring their children of all ages in for care. Pediatric dentistry focuses on the health and wellness of children’s smiles and works to ensure they keep their oral health at its best! Pediatric dentistry also encompasses dental emergencies. These can vary depending on the situation. Perhaps a child has had a tooth knocked out or broken during a high-contact sports activity, or maybe they have a cavity that has formed and has … Continue reading

Tips for emergency Pediatric dental care in Garland

Tips for emergency Pediatric dental care

At Kings Dental in Garland, TX, Dr. Suri and her team do everything they can to ensure the health and wellness of their patients. They provide same day dental emergency care during normal business hours and after-hour calls are forwarded to Dr. Suri’s cell phone. The team understands the need for quick, efficient dental care in an emergency. When it’s your child experiencing the emergency, nerves can be high. The first thing you should always do in case of a dental emergency is call the office. Then, while waiting for an appointment, you can do some things at home to … Continue reading

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