Signs you need to have your Wisdom Teeth extracted

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Despite their name, wisdom teeth won’t make you any wiser. Instead, these late-stage molars often cause discomfort when erupting from the gums and can cause crowding if your mouth is too small to accommodate additional teeth. In worst cases, wisdom teeth have been known to cause jaw misalignment, cysts, and sinus problems.

With all the negative vibes from wisdom teeth, some people are fortunate enough to never experience any discomfort. Given these two split scenarios, the question you might be asking is: “Must I undergo wisdom teeth removal?” If you are curious to find out, Kings Dental in Garland, Texas, has the answer.

When not to remove wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth typically emerge between teenage years and early adulthood. You will have lost all your baby teeth during this stage, and adult teeth have taken their rightful place. That said, it may mean there isn’t much room in your mouth to accommodate an extra set of teeth – and that’s when sudden wisdom teeth eruption causes problems.

While oral surgery has become standard practice, it doesn’t mean everyone has to go through it. Sometimes, you don’t require wisdom teeth removal if:

  • The wisdom teeth are healthy
  • They have erupted or grown fully
  • They are correctly aligned with the opposing teeth and don’t compromise your bite
  • You can brush and floss them effectively
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When you should remove your wisdom teeth

While some folks are lucky to live a normal life with wisdom teeth, others are not so fortunate. As mentioned, wisdom teeth cause problems when they don’t have enough space to grow. But since they must erupt, they fight to grow in the jaw through various angles –– even horizontally!

Signs that your wisdom teeth need to be removed include:

  • When wisdom teeth stay hidden in the gums, they become impacted within the jaw and may lead to an infection that can affect other teeth.
  • When wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, impacting your oral hygiene.
  • When an erupted wisdom tooth grows at an awkward angle, causing teeth crowding.

For most people, pain is the telltale sign that wisdom teeth need to be removed. But as you can see, wisdom teeth can cause many other problems, including inviting infections that affect nearby teeth and other surrounding structures. At our dental office, Dr. Vidya Suri recommends the removal of wisdom teeth at an earlier stage before they cause other dental issues later on.

Wisdom teeth removal in Garland, TX

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