Garland, TX area parents ask, “Is there a quality children’s Dentist near me?”

Quality Children’s Dentist at Garland, TX area

While your child’s baby teeth are not permanent, the effects of decay and neglect can have a permanent impact on oral health. Preventing cavities in baby teeth is just as important as preventing it in adult teeth, which is why Dr. Suri devotes a large portion of her practice to pediatric dentistry. The effects of early dental decay Dental decay in baby teeth can be a precursor to future dental issues. If a cavity is left untreated in a primary tooth, it can affect the permanent tooth that lies below the gum line. Another effect of untreated cavities can be … Continue reading

About your children’s first few dental visits in Garland

First Few Dental Visits for Your Kids in Garland, TX

There are many milestones to celebrate in a child’s first year: crawling, first steps, talking, and first tooth. With eruption of the first comes another milestone: the first dental visit. You may be wondering why it’s important to take your child to the dentist that early, which is why we’ve put together some information about the importance of early oral care. Your child’s oral care needs actually begin before the first tooth erupts. Taking care of your child’s gums is important from day one. After every feeding, take a soft, damp washcloth and gently rub it along the gums to … Continue reading

Pediatric Dentist in Garland shares tips for keeping teeth healthy

Tips to Keeping Teeth Healthy from Pediatric Dentist in Garland

Your children are your pride and joys, so naturally you want them to be healthy. Enjoying a lifetime of oral health must start with early care. By instilling the value of proper oral hygiene and healthy nutrition, you can set your child up for success. At Kings Dental in Garland, our team believes that introducing good oral hygiene habits can begin as early as infancy. We love working with children and providing quality pediatric dental care. Our hope is that all of your child’s visits to our office are purely preventative. To help ensure that, we offer the following tips … Continue reading

Common dental issues from an emergency Pediatrician in Garland, TX

Emergency Pediatrician in Garland, TX

It is always best to call us right away if you think your child needs emergency dental care. As a dental pediatrician, we are trained to handle all common dental emergencies. Our number one goal is the health of all of our patients, which means we are always available when there is an urgent problem. The following are some common urgent dental issues and tips for handling them. Broken tooth If a tooth fractures or chips, have your child rinse with warm water. If there is swelling, a cold compress after rinsing may help. If you can, save the piece … Continue reading

Gentle Children’s Dentist in Garland TX

Gentle Children's Dentist in Garland TX

Oral health plays a huge role in your overall health. A healthy mouth equals a healthier you. That’s why it is important to start good dental habits early in life. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests children begin visiting a dentist as soon as their first birthday. Tooth decay, or cavities, is the most common childhood disease. However, with proper parent education and regular visits to the dentist you can prevent your child’s tooth decay. At Kings Dental, Dr. Vidya Suri is committed to quality pediatric dentistry and individualized patient care in the Garland, TX area. Dr. Suri and … Continue reading

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