Add “Wow” to Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me In Garland, TX

Your smile is one of the most critical features of your appearance. Sadly, not many people feel confident about their smile due to teeth stains. Luckily, if you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth, teeth whitening from Kings Dental can transform your dull, yellowed smile into a grin that lights up a room! How we whiten your smile Before devising any treatment plan, Drs. Vidya Suri and AJ evaluate your teeth for cavities and gum disease signs. Should we find any oral health challenges, we recommend advanced care treatments before embarking on the teeth whitening procedure. Treating these … Continue reading

The cost of teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Cost of teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment requested by patients in the Garland, TX area who want to brighten their smile. However, many patients are worried about the cost. Many turn to over-the-counter products available at the local drugstore, only to find they are throwing their money away. Instead, patients are encouraged to book an appointment at Kings Dental to speak to Dr. Vidya Suri about professional whitening. Why professional whitening? Professional whitening is completed in a dental office. Dr. Vidya Suri is an experienced dental professional who helps patients address not only cosmetic issues with the smile but also provides … Continue reading

Where to get the best professional teeth whitening in the Garland, TX area

Professional teeth whitening in the Garland, TX

At Kings Dental, we treat every patient in the Garland, TX area like royalty. We know that dental work can be overwhelming for those who are unhappy with their smiles but know they need to see a professional. We do not judge patients who visit our practice for the first time in years, we are just happy to see them ready to take charge of their dental health. For some of our patients, dental work may be extensive, while others may be seeking cosmetic solutions that enhance the appearance of the smile. Many patients ask about the best professional teeth … Continue reading

The benefits of professional teeth whitening at home in the Garland area

Garland area dental office Kings Dental provides teeth whitening systems

When you meet someone for the first time, they may not remember your hair color, or your clothes, but they probably will remember your smile. Are you leaving them with the image of a sparkling set of pearly whites or of stained and dingy teeth? Your smile makes a lasting impression and it can say a lot about you. Dr. Suri offers patients the convenience of professional grade at-home teeth whitening kits to make your smile match your sparkling personality. How it works: When you come into our office for an evaluation for teeth whitening services, we will begin by … Continue reading

Maintaining beautiful, white teeth after professional whitening with Dentist in Garland area

Maintain beautiful, white teeth with Kings Dental Garland, TX

Dr. Vidya Suri and the team of Kings Dental in Garland help patients in rejuvenating their smiles with professional teeth whitening. We utilize custom-made whitening trays, which are created from impressions of the smile. This ensures the best possible fit. Then, we send our patients home with quality bleaching gel, which is used inside the trays and worn every day until they have achieved the whitening results they desire. These take-home whitening kits are much stronger and provide more effective results than anything available to patients over-the-counter. Take-home whitening kits are great for achieving dramatic results in the brilliance and … Continue reading

Garland Dentist explains the benefits of at home professional teeth whitening services

Garland, TX teeth whitening services by Dr. Vidya Suri

If you are unhappy with stains or discoloration on your teeth, chances are you’ve looked in the whitening section of the drugstore, and left feeling confused or overwhelmed. There are many options out there and it can be difficult to tell which one will provide the best results. At Kings Dental, we can assist our patients who are interested in whitening their teeth. Our professional take home kits provide all of the same convenience of over-the-counter solutions, at professional-grade strength. Teeth whitening kits found in the drug store can be helpful in removing some discoloration, but none will whiten the … Continue reading

Garland dentist describes take-home teeth whitening solutions

Garland dentist Dr. Vidya Suri provides take-home teeth whitening

A white, vibrant smile is often the sign of happiness, health, and vitality. When patients come to the practice of Kings Dental in Garland, TX looking for ways to rejuvenate their smiles, they may take the time to learn about teeth whitening solutions available through their dentist. Dr. Vidya Suri of Kings Dental is excited to offer take-home whitening trays for patients interested in obtaining a whiter, brighter smile to enhance the radiance of their natural teeth. Take-home teeth whitening solutions are often desirable because they give individuals the ability to control the whitening process. In-office whitening solutions are available … Continue reading

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